Bourjois Volume Glamor Ultra Care Reviews

I love Bourjois for its excellent quality at a low price, for its beautiful packaging and I respect it for almost two centuries of history. Today, for a Saturday walk with her husband and daughter she did a light make-up, decided to show you. So, here are the products used:
Bourjois: Volume Glamor mascara, Citron Givre (limited) shadows, Rose d'or (limited) blush, Effet Smoky pencil.
The photo:

1. Bourjois Volume Glamor Ultra Care Mascara - Volume mascara for sensitive eyes.
Mascara is just a masterpiece! Here's a depressing view of the "do":

and feel the difference "after":

Well, now I’ll show her in today's make-up:

In these photos she is in two layers. There are small lumps, but this is due to the fact that I did my makeup very quickly, standing at the large mirror, without peering into each eyelash.

The texture is pleasant, so oily, the brush is large and lush. Mascara, unfortunately, does not tighten. It is washed off well with special means for removing makeup from the eyes. During the day is not strewed. So far, this is the best I've ever had.
Rating: 5
Price: 249 p. on the golden map of Rive Gauche.
2. Bourjois Ombre à Paupières Citron Givre (limited) - Eye shadow in the shade of Citron Givre (limited edition).
Shadows are also visible in the photo above. I applied them with a fluffy brush in one layer, just to "highlight" the eyelid. And so the color itself is lemon-golden, beautiful, but not bright.

Shadows from a limited collection, ordered their delivery from London. I didn’t bring such to Russia, if anyone is interested, I will tell the seller on Ibei. As for the quality - excellent. They are applied easily, in one layer they are almost invisible, give a light mother of pearl and lighten the skin of the eyelids (I have small wreaths visible on it from lack of sleep), these shadows are very helpful. In two layers they look great with a golden shimmer. They are holding well, but I think that they will stay with the base even longer and look brighter.
The box contains a small mirror and a sponge.
Rating: 5
Price: I got about 400 rubles. including delivery. In the Rive Ghosh, similar shadows are priced from 300 r. on the golden card.
3. Bourjois Blush Rose d'or (limited) - Blush compact in the shade of Rose d'or (limited edition).
Blush is also from a limited series, but from a different one. This series was sold in Russia not so long ago. The color of the blush is pink, I applied with my brush, just ran a couple of times through the cheekbones:

The color is unusual. At first glance, the box scares a little with its brightness. But in practice, it turns out to be very gentle, unobtrusive and beautifully shimmers in bronze - gold. It should be visible on a swatch with macro photography. Keeps up all day perfectly.
In daylight, it looks just like a blush. Of course, their smell is very strong - powdery. But I love this, although for some it could be a minus.
Rating: 5
Price: The Rive Gaucher is now selling the same, but in ordinary packages 318 rubles. on the golden card. I got 400 rubles.
4. Bourjois Effet Smoky Smoked Brown # 71 - Double-sided eyeliner with a soft cream texture in a shade of Smoked Brown # 71.
Well, the pencil is also visible in all the top photos, made a light arrow without shading.

It lays down easily, but quickly dulls, you have to sharpen it every time, so it will end quickly with me. The texture is nice, the pencil is very soft. Color - chocolate, there is a small bronze shimmer. At the other end there is a brush for blending. Once, I tried and shaded the arrow for the whole eyelid - if you do it skillfully, it will look great.
Rating: 5 -
Price: 238 rub. on the golden map of Rive Gauche.
So, here is the final photo:
Unfortunately, I was facing the light directly and the photo lit up a little.

Thank you all for your attention, there will be questions - ask! )))

Watch the video: TEST na Żywo - Maskara Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care (December 2019).