Hair Tools! Part 1

A post about my glorious helpers friends, without which not a single day passes!

I'll start with the oldest and end with the new ones.
1 Carbon comb with combined teeth

Each of us certainly has this. The most ordinary and budget comb. It is excellent to do nachos if necessary, but in no case do not comb wet / damp hair and generally rarely use it or if there is no way out. All the same, the cloves are quite frequent with her.
Rating 5
2 Ordinary wooden comb

I bought it for a penny 6-7 years ago, I don’t even remember where, and there is no company. Comfortable in hand and use, it protects hair - after all, everyone knows that wooden is the most useful. And the tree turned out to be so high quality, still as new.
Rating 5+
3 Extra large round synthetic brushing

Just look at the size! She barely holds in her hand, very heavy, really the hand falls off from fatigue to hold, but I'm used to it, I already have code 4. I remember going to the hairdresser, the master after cutting cut her hair and when she gradually rose to the top of her hair she took out such a comb and began to dry her hair. Then I liked the hair raised at the roots and the curled ends so much that I could not live without it. She became mine. But it helps to style only the upper hair. With such a huge comb, a light wave is obtained, especially when I had a square, I adored it, my head was like a big ball, or rather styling, my hair was very cool. Of course, she tears out her hair but not much, the only minus is her weight.
Price 15 Euro
Grade 4
4 ghd Detangling Comb. Hairbrush

A completely random purchase and love forever. If I do not find her in the bathroom in my place, my hands start to shake nervously, I start looking for her and panic ... She costs only 8 euros, but I will be so sorry to lose her. She is very dear to me. I advise everyone to purchase, absolutely without restrictions on hair. Comfortable, light, combing your hair with a bang! And most importantly wet! not a single lost hair. Does not tear and does not confuse hair. Easy to make any parting. It does not electrify hair; on the contrary, it smoothes out fluffiness and does not damage them since the teeth are rare and rounded. She is not afraid of dirt and dust and does not require special care. I'm crazy about hairbrushes, she's perfect! This is a professional mark and I dream of their legendary ironing, of course I will definitely buy their brashings, they say their tools are eternal!
Rating5 +++
5 Pink Ceramic Ionic Radial Brush 78. Thermo-blowing with ceramic-ion coating

I ordered it on the Internet and lost it with the size, for short hair it will be perfect, I’m sure and how I grow, I use it less and less. She is cute and light, comfortable to hold on to the rubber handle. Of the minuses, she does not make curls at all, I can not twist the tips in any way and create a more romantic image. I don’t know why, but it seems to me that this ceramic coating makes it so, it is useless to give the hair a shape, no waves, curls and even volume at the roots. Could it be designed to stretch hair or really for very short hair?
The price is about 10 euros
Grade 2
6 Denman Ventilated brush with soft and flexible teeth with balls at the ends.

In size a little smaller than wooden, very light and comfortable. I comb my hair and style it. Especially when the hair is wet and start to dry the roots, it is convenient to separate it and blow out the strands. Does not confuse hair, combes them very carefully. The only minus is too hard material, if the scalp with problems (I had ulcers from a mustard mask) you need to carefully scratch your hair. Teeth are easy to wash and clean from hair. I think it is ideal for stretching both short and medium-long.
Rating 5
7 Braun Satin Hair 7 with IONTEC ionization function. Comb with a unique ionization function

I saw in the store and it is NECESSARY! I lost my dream how I need it ... I gave it to my husband soon, I wouldn’t buy it myself, sorry 49 euros! So, she is stylish, with rounded shapes, large and palpable in her hands. To use it, you need to turn it on (move the button up), it lights up in green and the most interesting one makes a sound that is barely audible, like something is crackling. I use it at night because it kills volume, why does it kill? Because a couple of times to pass through the hair and that's it, they are licked! So if you did the styling, then put it off until the evening. My hair is sometimes electrified in the winter and the comb saved me, but this rarely happens. Maybe that's why I did not appreciate it, it is more likely for naughty hair. Decent pleasure, nice to have at home, but I wouldn’t buy it myself, thanks to my spouse :)
After long use, the hair looks good, did not notice an improvement, but it did not get worse either. And yet, she is very pleased to massage the scalp!
I use 7 months
Grade 4
8 Round brushing with natural bristles

I bought it by accident, it was the last for 2 euros. I wanted to try it from natural bristles, but it’s terrible in everything! Hair is scared scary, uncomfortable to use, coarse and prickly and does not want to crank during styling. To stretch and dry one thin strand, you can immediately say goodbye to 20 hairs.
Rating 0
9 Vogetti Vogetti Vent Brush 870. Ventilated brush

I bought it with number 8 for only 4 euros. Voghetti is prof. brand of hairdressing tools at affordable prices. A brush for drying the roots, it’s easy to dry it lock by lock at the root giving at the same time volume. Easy to clean from hair. Handle from special. The fabric does not slip in the hand. For 4 euros just a godsend. The only minus is the size, it’s large, it would be a little tiny and would not have a price :)
Grade 4
10 Vogetti Paddle Brush 970. Large rectangular styling brush

The last 2 times the master (here in Russia and here) laid me with such a comb. It is also called a "shovel", it really resembles the appearance of a shovel. It is flat, wide and square-elongated. This comb is just fantastic, I dry my hair with it, strand by strand starting from the bottom, as if pulling from root to tip, while holding the hairdryer so that the air blows down, that is, in parallel with the strands that I pull the air blows to the ends and at the same time I comb my hair with this comb. At the same time, the tips can be twisted in different directions, it also gives shape to the styling, I love the inside. It smooths and polishes the surface of the hair so cool that the iron dusts quietly in the lower cabinet :))) especially for long hair - it is irreplaceable and ideal. Its wide size allows you to capture very thick strands. Designed for drying and stretching long hair. I'm just in love with her. In addition, she perfectly combes her hair, not confusing them. Easy to clean.
Use since January
Price 15 Euro
Rating 5 +++
11 Lanza Mini Comb

Got a gift. It is comfortable and small, fits in any of my bags. It has many advantages, such as a pocket mirror, not sharp pins with balls, light in weight, looks neat in the hand.
Rating 5
About combs a couple of words, I hate it when my hair is on it, and I always brush it after using it, I will never allow myself to put a comb on it, brrrr. I don’t give my hairbrush to anyone, I follow the rules of personal hygiene, I also never ask my girlfriend for example, even if I really need to. I rarely wash them (although I need it more often, I know) and if I wash them, then I collect warm water in the sink, there is a bit of ordinary shampoo like mine and my hair and in this water. Then I dry them "lying"
12 Professional hairdryer Gammapiu SINTECH Silver Nano Technology (red) Italy

Equipped with a professional 2300W motor.
Coating the hair dryer outlet grill with pure silver microparticles (Silver Nano Technology) - to improve antistatic properties and relieve heat aggression, add shine and moisturize hair.
- Ultralight - 490 gr.
- Supercompact - 17 cm.
- Super quiet.
- Varnish coating.
- 4 combinations of heating.
- 2 modes of speed of an air stream.
- Super soft network wire (length 3 meters).
- Ring for hanging.
- Removable metal filter on the air intake.
In a set:
- 1 nozzle of air concentration for quick drying and precise laying -6 mm and 8 mm.
My opinion
Well, what else can I say, everything that the manufacturer promises is 100% true. I dreamed about a hair dryer for many years, and in November 2011, I bought myself a sweetheart in the DR, it cost 199 euros. Before that, there were the most common hairdryers, there is nothing to compare with. The same hair dryer differs in everything, from its size to the finish on the hair. It is really light, very short, which is a huge plus, my old hair dryer was so long and uncomfortable. Very powerful and quiet! I got used to power for a long time, he blows his hair so much as in the master’s salon (they have professional hair dryers too and usually they blow their hair very much but dry at the same time faster) now I'm used to it and know how to control it. Quiet, nobody can hear it from the bathroom, calmly in the evening when everyone is sleeping I can blow dry my hair! He is very durable! it’s just super resistant, it fell 100,000 times and at least that, and the floor in the bathroom is made of tiles, there are no scratches on it and it looks like new.
It dries hair quickly, twice as fast as all hair dryers before, and therefore less harm to hair! And the most important thing is the settings, 2 speeds - I usually use the very first one, it is powerful in my opinion. And 4 combinations of heating, the first zero - it is cool, that is, the hair dryer blows cool air and at the same time dries the hair! You can imagine? completely harmless to the hair. The second is the blue button, it is even colder, if for example you need to fix the curl at the tips, then I hold the button for several minutes, then let go. The third mode is warm, or rather barely warm, it will not become hot even if you blow for a long time in one place. And the latter is already a hot mode, I do not use it. So for comparison, my old hair dryer always blew hot air.
Hair after drying is mobile, shiny unrealistic, even looking moist, hair dryer does not draw moisture from them (which is always lacking). I’m very pleased with the hairdryer and I think that the problem of drying hair is minimal, I’m not afraid to do styling with it, now I don’t think about the dangers of hair, although I do not use it often.

Rating 5 +++
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