Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Reviews

Full varnish name: Catrice 240 Sold Out For Ever
Good Sunday evening beauties!
Spring more and more comes into its own, pastel shades at the peak of popularity, lagging behind sin)))). I will show you Catrice lacquer today (by the way, it gave the varnishes of this company a second chance and I do not regret it, they are very good). Recently I stumbled upon this varnish and bought it in a fit of shopaholism, although I never used green shades. I am correcting the mistake. Here he is.
Detailed opinion:
Briefly and to the point. I know that this varnish is the first in the ranks of Chanel Jade doubles (which the manufacturer is not ambiguously hinting at)))). The varnish is good. The consistency is beautiful and uniform, the application is problem-free. It lays in two layers without bald spots. In the toe is standard-3- 4 days. A very beautiful shimmer inside, visible in the bubble and almost invisible on the nails (only in bright sunshine).

Price: 2,49 Euro
Rating: 5
Thanks to everyone who looked.
I'm Lena.

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