Vintage rose from Oriflame. Lipstick "100% color" shade Vintage Rose

I would never have noticed this lipstick, if not for the previously written post on a beautician
So, your attention is presented Oriflame Pure Color Lipstick "100% color" color Vintage rose
From this series of Oriflame lipsticks, I already had two lipsticks that left only fond memories. I myself personally would never have noticed the same color of lipstick, probably from the fact that it seemed a little vague and was lost against the background of the other shades, but when I saw the post with the heroine I definitely understood what I want and the sooner the better
Let's get down to business like its predecessors, lipstick has a delicate, pleasant texture, is immediately applied to the lips with an even, neat layer without any difficulties, does not require time to shrink, does not roll, does not clog into the folds of the lips and does not dry lips. Moreover, an important plus for me was the fact that lipstick does not at all emphasize peeling on the lips, which overtook me for the first time this winter.
This lipstick struck me first of all with color. It seems that she only slightly emphasizes the natural color of the lips and makes them more expressive, a very delicate and soft effect comes out.
This is clearly what she was looking for, and what she was looking for was not there among the nude shades

Rating:definitely 5!
Price: 99 rub
Test period: 4 months

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