We lay the eyebrows and dress the cilia in blue

Hello everyone, dear beauticians!

Today I will tell you about my recent acquisitions, which turned out to be very successful!

1. Lumene Eyebrow Control - Modeling Eyebrow Wax
The notorious wax for eyebrows, I bought it, relying (as in many other things) on the reviews of a beautician) In general, I never thought about my eyebrows, plucked and okay. But then the moment came and it seemed to me that they were too light, because I have a high forehead, I wanted to emphasize them, make them more noticeable (and how the white sheet went)). A couple of times I painted them, but I was unhappy with the result. Eyebrow shadows scare me, but the wax seemed an interesting little thing, and I bought it)
Here is a wax brush - I don’t think it is mega-comfortable, for my eyebrows it’s big and periodically the wax can get on my skin, but in principle it doesn’t cause any inconvenience.

The color of the wax is milk-milk chocolate.
I like the way he makes my eyebrows. Firstly, they lie perfectly (like nailed) all day, and secondly, they become visible! He gives a little color, but emphasizes all the hairs, and the eyebrows become thick and wide (hi Vodianova)) In general, I am very pleased with this wax and so far I will not even try anything else. Thanks to the girls for the feedback about him!
Price: about 400r
Rating: 5!
2. Mascara Divage 90x60x90 blue
I bought this mascara when I saw it on my girlfriend) For a long time I was looking for colored mascara that could be seen before our eyes. And here she is!
Here’s the most ordinary brush:

The color in the tube is just vigorous
The mascara holds well, it is washed off simply by the usual means for removing makeup from the eyes. She doesn’t do any “wow” with eyelashes, but I use it solely for the sake of color, and she copes with this task with a bang.
In general, I am happy with ink, especially for its price. I have a blue Isa Dora - the effect is the same, only Isa Dora is 2 times more expensive)
Price: about 200r
Rating: 5

Let's look at both products in action.

Here is the cross-eyed horror of my eyelashes and “nude” eyebrows (the photo was taken today, here the eyebrows are narrower than on the photos with makeup). Eyelashes are long and very straight, light at the tips. This is where the mascara is most visible. It looks especially cool in the sun - exactly the color is like in a bottle) I remembered another small minus - with this mascara everything in front of my eyes becomes a little bluish

Does it look good in my opinion? I like that with wax, the eyebrows are "combed" and hold in this form all day!
The blue tips of the cilia are visible)

I hope you liked the reviewer

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