I love duty free or what's new

Hello girls! For some reason, it so happened that all my successful purchases are made in Duty Free, probably due to the price and, actually, this time.
1.DIOR Diorskin Nude # 20

Bare face:
And with the tonal:

Detailed opinion: This is love at first sight, I finally found my perfect foundation! It is so light and pleasant to apply that it would be smeared with it from morning to evening. A convenient light bottle, picking up for the first time I thought that it was less than 30ml, but not everything was as it should. It disguises it, it is absolutely imperceptible on the face, it does not emphasize peeling, I didn’t feel the smell in it, and most importantly, with my skin, that it does not shine, this is surprising, but true. I can spend a day with him and with meteorites on his face without even correcting them! My hue is 20th, it’s a little light, by the summer I’ll choose the same darker.
Price 36 euro
Rating: 5+++++++++++++++
2. Guerlain Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder - # 02 Teint Beige

Detailed opinion: My dear meteorites, how many reviews I read about them and they were all contradictory, then pampering, then good matting, and in the end I decided that I needed them, even if they did not live up to expectations, although I myself did not know what I expected. As a result, I only use them now, I am delighted with the radiance that they give to the skin, maybe for a day it's a bit much, but in the evening what the doctor prescribed. Of course, they do not have a strong matting, but with the right tonal, this is not necessary. In the photo I couldn’t catch them, except for a couple of small sparkles. And by the way, in some review I read that they are not suitable for oily skin, so this is not true, at least in my case. I think next time I will also buy a C grade!
Price 38,5 euro
Rating: 5+++++++++++++++
3. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara black
Naked cilia:

Detailed opinion: This drama or tragedy I did not identify, too thin mascara. If you notice that the cilia are glued and stuck together in the right eye, I colored my left eye without dipping a brush into the tube and I liked the effect much more. I hope that over time it will dry out and go to bed as it should. But overall not bad, I will wait.
Price23,5 euro
Rating: 4
4. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Detailed opinion: This is my first base, before that I did not even think about why it was needed. At first glance, the jar seemed very small to me, but in the process I realized that it would last me a long time thanks to its thick consistency somewhat reminiscent of lip balm. Perfectly evens out the surface, does it improve complexion is a controversial issue, but nevertheless I can not attribute it to minuses. This is silk in a jar! In the photo in a jar, a shimmer is visible, but this is only an illusion. How could I live without a base before ?!
Price 21,5 euro
Rating: 5++++++++
5. Clarins Make-up Sets TRAVEL

This travel kit got me a birthday present. Interesting design, good colors, just not persistent. In this set, emphasis has been placed on the design of the wallet, but obviously forgot to put good cosmetics there, but thanks for the wallet, although I think it will not live for two months with constant use. But first things first, the set contains mascara, gloss + palette with powder, blush and a quartet of shadows.
Clarins Mini Mascara Wonder Length Black

Clarins Mini Gloss Appeal Ylang 01

4 Eyeshadows + 1 Natural Compact Powder + 1 Blush "Dune"

Detailed opinion: I really liked the mascara, the cilia with it are so neat and natural. The brush is ordinary, I think it will be more convenient to use the full version. Washes off well. The gloss in the tube looks much more spectacular than on the lips. Not sticky, it lasts a couple of hours, I especially liked the brush, it is as if flattened - in general, you can’t complain about quality. Blush, an interesting thing, I would say that they are invisible! With an effort I rubbed a sponge about them, I achieved color on it, but I did not succeed in transferring it to either my hand or face. Powder is like nothing. Wearing her bare face is not an option - it is simply not visible, but it will go to the tonal, it is also invisible. I can’t objectively evaluate shadows, because I don’t have a base for them + plus heat in the street, they are sliding, but thank God it’s not immediately after 4-5 hours. Could not find the numbers of shadows and powder, the only one is the name of the powder (signed above without translation, the numbers are the numbers). I won’t indicate the exact price, but up to 40 euros. For example, the gloss from the set in the same dyutik is 15 euros.
Rating: 5 for design, 5 - mascara, 4 - shine, 1 - blush, 3 - powder, 3 - shadow.
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