La Mer Gel De La Mer The Moisturising Gel Cream - reviews

Good day to all! I want to introduce you to my recent discovery and enthusiasm for the products of the legendary La Mer company. I decided to devote a separate post to each product I tested, and today we will talk about La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream. Looking ahead, the product swatch and face photo will not be for a number of reasons. So, the hero of my post:What I have:
34 years old, combination skin, sensitive and reactive, enlarged pores in the T-zone, which are very quickly clogged with an inappropriate product, periodic rashes, post-acne, rosacea, loss of tone, fine mesh of wrinkles under the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead and in the mouth.
What I dream about:
to tone the skin, whiten post-acne spots, nourish the skin with moisture, accordingly get rid of wrinkles, make pores less noticeable, and minimize rashes. With all these requests, I want to achieve all of the above delicately, without raping or tearing my skin. I want peace and comfort for my face!
The numerous remedies I tried (there was professional care, there was a diverse suite) did not satisfy me, until recently I was constantly searching and experimenting, pretty spoiling my long-suffering skin, sensitive nervous system and thoroughly checking my husband’s patience and generosity!
Thanks to my favorite Beautician and the most useful girls' posts about La Mer, I finally became interested in miracle products that cause so much debate and questions! Having studied all the information available to me and intuitively feeling that the skin will be happy, I decided to buy a gel cream (in anticipation of the heat, choosing a light version of the classic cream), receiving samples of other products upon purchase (I then purchased all the products in full!)
What the manufacturer promises:
The miraculous properties of La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream lie in the amazing formula of the cream - Miracle Broth ™: the main ingredient of Creme de la Mer is seaweed and other natural ingredients and trace elements, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, lecithin and vitamin C, D, E, B12, as well as extracts of sunflower, alfalfa, wheat and citrus fruits.
Cream-gel returns the skin a comfortable state and optimal hydro balance.
Traces of age-related changes, such as wrinkles and enlarged pores, become less noticeable. The skin becomes surprisingly smooth, supple, radiant and full of energy, and sensitivity and redness are removed.
The moisture balance of dry, dehydrated skin is restored, sebum production is regulated, toxins and toxins are eliminated, a grayish skin tone disappears. This cream helps to slow down the manifestation of age-related changes.
The light and airy texture of the gel cream has all the extraordinary properties of Creme de la Mer and is ideal for warmer climates and where the Creme de la Mer texture may seem too saturated.
Ultra-light gel cream, filling the skin with a cascade of moisturizing components, will give it a feeling of freshness and comfort.
Application: to activate the miraculous “alloy” Creme de la Mer and release the key ingredients, heat a small amount of the cream with the rubbing of your fingers. By applying it to clean, dry skin, you will immediately feel the calming effect of the cream.
My opinion:
Girls! My skin is happy! Everything claimed by the manufacturer is true! From the first application, my skin acquired a beautiful pink tone (pinkness is not piggy, not irritably painful, but healthy, as if I had been walking in the fresh air for a long time), my pores tightened, my skin became firm and nourished. By consistency, this is not a completely clear, non-greasy gel. The first time I generously applied gel cream, the skin literally in my eyes absorbed everything without a trace, I even walked in the second round! This is an ideal daily product for me on a warm (hot) season! During the day, the face does not oily as before, the makeup is beautiful, the skin is easy and comfortable! She's breathing! Yes, I also want to note that the rashes ceased to torment me, while isolated "guests" even appear, they literally pass before our eyes and without consequences!
This miracle is miraculous for me and a great joy - disinfection, spot burning is no longer necessary! In general, the face becomes cleaner, smoother and brighter every day! Stagnant spots with which I have almost reconciled, slowly brighten and disappear!
To summarize, I want to say that only one thing upsets me - this is that I have not used this wonderful product before! Years of searching, lost time, spoiled skin, considerable funds and unfulfilled expectations - all this I could avoid! Girls, now I am more happy with my face than ever! (Slowly I get all the products, everything that I have in my arsenal today makes me happy and works on my skin!) I will definitely tell you about other products in the following posts!
Testing period is 3 weeks.
My rating is 5!
The price for 30 ml is about 130 euros. Purchased in Vienna.
Will I still get this gel? - Yes! Moreover, the volume is already 60 ml!
Thank you for your attention, and I wish each of you to find Your Dream Cream! )))
My name is Oksana, it’s not important for “you” or “you”.

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