CND Shellac No. 37 Dark Lava

Good afternoon, beauties. For more than a year now I have been doing Shellac coverage every two to three weeks. Everyone knows that Shellac is a hybrid of gel and varnish in one bottle. Correction takes about an hour and a half. It keeps perfectly from 2 to 3 weeks. Today for the first time made the color Dark Lava. Descriptions on the Internet come across as "purple burgundy", "dark burgundy with micro sparkles." Color is the novelty of spring 2012. In fact, the color is very beautiful. And ambiguous. Photo - under the cut. Welcome.

In the bottle, the varnish is boring. Something seems to be brown with a shimmer. In fact, it changes depending on the lighting. Below the photo below are my comments.
1. Daylight, indoors.

Color is mirror, deep, dark. It seems to me that it is ideal for short nails and for the office. No sparkles, annoying, looks noble.
2. On the street, under the sun, varnish behaves in a completely different way.

I don’t really like this “mood” of shellac. Since in my opinion there is too much shimmer. And it is not quite spring - pure autumn color.
3. On the street, daylight, shadow.
And here is my favorite shade. Without direct rays of the sun, the varnish becomes deep, and I want to stand - to take a look. Judge for yourself.

The cost of manicure + shellac coating in Almaty is about $ 30.
Score shellac in general 5+, this particular color 4, since for me it is not universal.
Thanks for stopping by. Mary, to me on you

Watch the video: CND Shellac Patina Buckle application (December 2019).