Biocon Basic care from 20 years - a nice budget find

Good day, beauties :) today I would like to share with you my impressions of using the Biocon series “Basic care” (from 20).
A little background: the skin is thin, dry, sensitive. I was looking for a cream to replace Loreal "Trio asset freshness for dry and sensitive skin", which simply categorically did not fit.
I went around the store with Champions League, and he, completely desperate, offered me the Aquavitamin cream.
After a couple of days, I bought a few more funds that I want to tell you about :)
To whom details are interesting - I ask under a cat.
(Note - in the general photo there is no hand cream, but it is in the post).
Period of use of a series: 1 month.
The price of all products: up to 20 UAH no discount on the proStor network.
1. Biocon Basic care from 20 years Gentle cream-gel for washing (for dry and sensitive skin)
The manufacturer promises that the gel gently cleanses the skin; protects the skin from overdrying, returns a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness; protects against the negative effects of hard chlorinated water.
Composition: demineralized water, sodium lauryl sulfate, sorbitol, cocoamidopropyl betaine, cocobetaine, sodium cocoglutamate, propylene glycol, glycerin, betaine, sodium chloride, PEG - 1500, dimethicone copolyol, PEG - 7 glyceryl cocoate, methyl paraben, parfumythanoate, lactic acid.
My opinion: liquid milky white gel, smells the same as the rest of the products in the series (orchid, you must understand)); foams quite weakly (I wash without a sponge), cleanses the skin gently, but well; not pulls together.
I am very pleased, I will buy more - cleans it “with a bang”, does not tighten (unlike all previous Loreal washings), it smells nice. No cons for a month. It is spent moderately, for all the time I think I haven’t used half (usually 1.5 to 2 months are enough for washing).
Rating: solid 5.
2. Biocon Basic care for 20 years Cosmetic tonic

Composition: water, PEG - 40 hydrogenated castor oil, propylene glycol, bisabolol, bronopol, azulene, extracts of chamomile, hypericum, rosemary, perfume, PVP, panthenol.
My opinion: ordinary transparent tonic, it smells the same. Cleansing cleans, right to the creak, but somehow I do not really. It gives some freshness, the face pulls together a little ... I don’t understand the tonics, I don’t know what it is connected with.
Rating: 3, he didn’t do anything bad to me, just “didn’t agree on the characters” :)
3. Biocon Basic care for 20 years Aquavitamin cream
Composition: demineralized water, triglycerides C8 / C10, isopropyl myristate, cetearol, peach oil, cyclomethicone, stearyl dimethicone, cetearet, shea butter, carbomer, perfume, allantoin, vitamins F, A, E, hyaluronic acid, bronopol, sodium propene, methyl hydroxide, bene, benzene, methyl hydroxide , orchid extract, arginine, glycine.
My opinion: the packaging is neat, the box is beautiful, from some rough cardboard; there is a certificate of the Institute of Quality Standards (Switzerland). Inside is an ad with a description of all the tools in the series.
The cream has a light translucent texture; has a smell characteristic of the entire series. It is applied easily, absorbed quickly and without a trace, leaves no film. For a month of use, he did not score pores, did not cause redness - applied only in the morning. The skin looks moisturized, apparently there are no flaws. Provides a feeling of comfort and tenderness. It makes the skin smooth, soft and velvety.
As a base for makeup did not try, in the heat I try to use only care products; I think it will be normal, because it is absorbed quickly and leaves no trace on the face.

Smeared on the hand:
Rating: 4, with severe peeling after ARVI could not cope. If you have normal skin without much trouble - feel free to advise :)
4. Biocon Basic care for 20 years Cream for the skin around the eyes
Composition: water, cetostearol, capric / capric triglycerides, isopropyl myristate, olive oil, avocado, PEG - 1500, ceteareth, stearyl dimethicone, panthenol, cucumber extracts, green tea, methyl paraben, hyaluronic acid, disodium A, ethanol, ethanol, vitamin E, ethanol, vitamin , propyl paraben, boa, perfume.
My opinion: cute package, inside the same package listing products; there is a certificate of the Institute of Quality Standards (Switzerland).
Translucent white cream in a tube large for such a cream (25 ml). Enough, I think, sooo long.
There are no reflective microparticles, therefore, the effect should be “inside”. Puffiness removes, reduces dark circles, there is no film, corrector and pencils do not roll on it.
The only thing I didn’t really like was that in the corner of my eye appeared a small valet - either from an illness, or from a reaction to a cream. Therefore, if you decide to use it, pre-test for an allergic reaction.
Rating: 3 - the cream is pleasant, but apparently it didn’t suit me.

Composition and certificate:
By texture and effect similar to aquavitamin, see photo above.
5. Biocon Basic care from 20 years. Gentle cream for hands and nails.
Composition: demineralized water, cetearol, stearin, C8 / C10 triglycerides, cyclomethicone, glycerin, PEG - 1500, stearyl dimethicone, sodium hydroxide, lanet, emulsion wax, shea butter, peach, vitamins A and F, disodium edta, perfume, pantol, panthenol parabens, boas, medical leech extract.
My opinion: great cream! The smell is still the same, the consistency is quite liquid, absorbed quickly. Peeling eliminates quickly and for a long time - smear for the night, the next morning velvet pens and all day no problems.
In addition, it softens the cuticle, and, it seems to me, has a positive effect on the nails :)
I am completely satisfied, everything is fine, I will buy more.
Rating: 5
Whole series I find it difficult to give an assessment - some of the funds were remarkably suitable; some did not cause any enthusiasm.
For their money, the products are just excellent, they did not cause allergies, there are no unpleasant sensations, they smell pleasantly.
I think the series should suit girls with skin without any problems :)
Compositions (as far as I can tell), of the “creepy” ingredients, they contain only parabens (experts, please correct if I'm wrong).
P. S. In this post, Anastasia Anasty also describes a white clay mask (although it’s “from 30”, but in the store I saw it in the “from 20” series). Not tested due to not friendly relations with white clay.
Thanks for attention; I will be glad to your comments, tips and suggestions :)
Peace; to me on “you”.

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