Lancome Rouge In Love Reviews

Today I will talk about a new product from Lancome - Lancome Rouge In Love.
I bought it on the first day of the appearance of this series in stores, so the opinion of it is already well-established.

My hue is 340 B.

Detailed opinion:
The first thing that attracted me to this series was the shades, very beautiful, according to the manufacturer - pigmented, and even persistent!
Packing lipstick ... I don’t seem to think that it delights me, somehow it didn’t work out very well, but it’s compact and extraordinary)
could make the case more serious, but this is my personal opinion, there are those who like it, but I prefer the concise and stylish design of Chanel lipsticks.
The color of the lipstick is magic, coral pink, bright, attractive! Pomade insanely resistantgives thinnest coatingbut her pigmentation is so excellent that lip pigment is completely blockedand lips are not overloaded. I apply it only with a brush, I correct it with a stick. Very strange lipstick: can rollbut mostly leads well ..., can emphasize peelbut despite hisrather dry texture the husks are smoothed ... A riddle! After application, small bald spots are observed on the lip of the lips, the lipstick melts from the heat of the lips and they disappear. Very persistent, I eat and drink with her, but she is on her lips! Great evening option. My lipsdoes not dry, does not clog into folds.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
only applied (my lips are not in the best condition, after one “fudge”, peeling off at the time of the preparation of the swatch ...)
In 2 hours

Rating: 4 (for a dumb case and unpredictability)
Price: about 1400 rub. No discount in Letual.
Test period: a month somewhere.

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