Spring is the time to kiss! My Oriflame and Belweder Lip Balms

Good afternoon, residents Beauticians! Today I want to tell you about my lip balms, in my opinion it’s relevant to write about them at any time of the year, not only in winter, when the frost mercilessly dries them, or in spring, when love soars in the air and it’s already clear what needs to be done by the title of the post or in the summer, when the sun, or in the autumn, when the weather does not understand what. I have very capricious lips, regardless of the time of year, and before I bought cheap hygiene products at the pharmacy and did not bother. Then I got tired that the skin peeled off with them every day, and I can’t buy the most ordinary lipstick, because even the best, expensive moisturizing lipstick will not fall on such horror. And I started looking for something more effective. And I got them.

At first I bought this comrade for myself, after listening to the enthusiasm of my work colleague:
Oriflame Tender Care Caramel Protecting Balm

I must say that I liked it, especially the amazing caramel smell, because of which I want to gobble up it and eat it with a jar. Then he appeared in the catalog with the smell of chocolate. (I will show the photo first, then I will describe the leaving properties, because these balms have the same properties, the differences are only in the smell).
Oriflame Tender Care Chocolate Protecting Balm

Opening this jar, I did not smell the sweet smell of chocolate, as I expected, but bitter. Because of this, he stood for quite some time intact. Then, finally, having decided, I smeared it on my lips, and, lo and behold! - the smell seems to have changed, it smells divine, I want to eat it too. Therefore, when I saw the next version of this balm in the catalog, I grabbed it without hesitation, because I love it when the cosmetics smell good, for me this is one of the important criteria when buying.
Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm

And here the situation in the smell is exactly the opposite - even before using it in a jar, I really liked its aroma, a kind of delicious sour cherry, but on my lips it smells disgusting, even more sour, and some kind of plastic note is felt, beee. But he takes good care of his lips, so I’ll pat him.
Lip balms do not give color on the lips, so there will be no photo on the lips.
Detailed opinion: All three balms wonderfully soften and nourish the lips. They have a thick, greasy texture that melts from the heat of the body, but on the lips I hardly feel them, it is easy to apply, but they are very uncomfortably poked out of the jar, everything remains under the nails. I don’t worry about the unhygienic nature of such packaging - I put my fingers in there either immediately after washing my hands, or use a cotton swab. Jars, by the way, are very beautiful, sort of barrels greetings from Winnie the Pooh. The manufacturer also promises softening, for example, dry skin of the elbows, but here, in my opinion, these balms are useless - they do not soften anything, it is not clear where to go after application, as if they were not there. But we will survive this and somehow manage with body lotions, but for the lips, especially for the night, it’s fine, though they did not completely relieve me of dryness, the lips continued to peel from time to time.
Evaluation Oriflame balm: 5- (minus for the fact that they didn’t completely save me from lip problems, but the following balms)
The famous Belvedere forgot to take a picture of them with a group
Belweder Stick levres protecteur aux huiles essentielles d'orange douche - orange oil balm

I heard about these miraculous balms (or rather, read on the Beautician), but could not find for a long time. Then I accidentally saw in a pharmacy, and immediately grabbed an orange, because I love all citrus. The smell, to be honest, disappointed me, although there seems to be nothing wrong with it - it’s really an orange, but harsh, or something. I don’t know, I still don’t understand that the female soul doesn’t suit me in it - the darkness. Yes, and the balm itself seemed like ordinary hygienic lipstick, which before that I bought for 20-30 rubles, and then for 100. But for something it praise? I was still in a pharmacy with a rose, I bought it too.
Belweder Stick levres protecteur aux huiles essentielles de rose - rose oil balm

This balm is colorless, I saw somewhere on the Internet also with a rose, but mother-of-pearl. The aroma is divine! It’s sweet, floral, it’s a rose, it’s very “tasty,” although I don’t taste the balms, it’s about the smell. The balm itself is slightly different than an orange, more delicate, less waxy. And after about two weeks, I felt that my lips were turning less and less “into the desert”, they almost did not peel off, and even if they were dried, then I returned them to their old comfortable state during the night. Therefore, when I saw the third balm in the pharmacy, I immediately bought it. It was interesting what it smells like, I did not doubt its leaving properties.
Belweder Stick levres protecteur - balm with aloe extract, vitamin E and cottonseed oil

And this balm, it turned out, smells like fruit. I have associations with “multifruit” juice, and this is exactly how, in my opinion, this juice should smell like a mixture of orange, papaya, kiwi and something else. And now more about the properties of all three, since they are also approximately the same.
Detailed opinion: This is really a masthead! Similar to the usual cheap balms, they nevertheless work wonders. Peeling is removed, nourished, and this effect is long-lasting. They do not feel on the lips, they are applied easily, here you should, of course, mention the convenient packaging that opens with one finger (no need to climb into jars), you can take it with you anywhere, apply with one hand without looking. The only tiny minus is that when applied, the stick slightly deviates back from the pressure on the lips and, when closed, then slightly rubs against the inner back wall of the case. This is how it then looks, a little not aesthetically pleasing:

But I got used to it - after I “stuck it” with a stick on my lips, I put the balm back in place with my lips, I move it in the direction opposite to the one to which it deviated.
Belweder Balm Evaluation:can I put 10?
I’m Julia, it’s convenient for me.

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