Purifying mask for oily problem skin Belnatur Pur-skin mask

Recently, I have been preoccupied with finding a clay mask that would perform the functions of cleansing sensitive sensitive skin without causing aggravation of its sensitivity and irritations. The choice was based on a mask of the professional Spanish brand Belnatur. Let's take a closer look.

Belnatur pur-skin mask

Description from the manufacturer:
A cleansing mask absorbs excess sebum, relieves inflammation, softens irritation and soothes redness. It restores the microbiological protective barrier, which prevents the implantation and proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms, does not cause dry skin. Contains white clay, zinc, salicylic acid, aloe vera, magnolia, grapefruit, green tea and acnacidol. Contains no preservatives.
Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Use once a week. If necessary, you can apply it pointwise to problem areas with your fingertips daily at night.

Detailed opinion:
In spring, my skin gave me a surprise in the form of exacerbation of rosacea and increased sensitivity. Willy-nilly had to completely update the care. All former masked authorities have fallen. In general, I was afraid for a long time to smear something on my face, because the skin responded with terrible irritation to almost everything that I offered her. And alas, I can’t do without a good cleansing, the pores clog quickly. I needed an extremely delicate cleansing mask with a creamy consistency that would not dry out on my face or aggravate skin reactivity. The beautician advised our heroine, according to the description, this was just what I needed.
The mask is light blue, opaque, cream-gel with a fairly strong cosmetic fragrance, it smells of freshness and the sea. It reminded me of the Uryazh Aqua Presi moisturizing mask that I used in my life. Although I gravitate to neutral fragrances and natural aromas of flowers, berries, herbs, its smell does not in principle irritate me.
The mask is distributed over the face without problems. You need to apply it thicker to get an opaque dense layer. It seems to me that in places it is even absorbed during application. I hold it, as the manufacturer advises, for 20 minutes. At first, it can slightly pinch, I think, due to salicylic acid in the composition. The mask does not dry completely, is not taken by a cracking crust and does not tighten the skin at all. Therefore, microtrauma does not occur on the skin. You will not feel uncomfortable sensations, even if you overexpose it. True, delicate, does not cause dryness. It is washed off in perfectly warm water without the use of sponges and hard rubbing of the skin with your fingers, which sometimes I had to do when washing off other cleansing masks.
Manufacturer promises are being fulfilled. I see fresh, soothing skin in the mirror. There is a pleasant sensation of coolness and cleanliness. Black dots brighten. To completely clean them, she is rather weak. Yes, I don’t demand it, because I don’t believe that masks can get rid of them, especially if the pores are narrow. After washing off the mask, white plugs appear on the wings of the nose (the mask seems to loosen them), which I carefully scrape off with a cotton pad moistened with water. It is much more important to me that after it my face does not burn, does not itch, does not become covered with irritated scabs, it is moisturized. Therefore, without nervous shudders I use this mask 2 times a week. By the way, it has a good effect on inflammation, drying them and disinfecting. You can feel how she works with them, there is an active pulsation in the place of some nasty subcutaneous tissue.
We had a rather pleasant acquaintance. If you are also looking for a delicate effective cleansing, I think you should pay attention to the heroine of the post.
Price: approximately 1300 rubles
Test period: 3 weeks
Anna, better on "you"
ps: a question for the owners of sensitive skin - what cleansing masks do you have in your favorites?

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