Shadows ArtDeco # 898, # 879 and # 818

Good afternoon, beauties)
Looking at night, I want to show you one more shadow)

The soul demanded moral satisfaction after the last not entirely successful shopping and this is what it resulted in. As they say, Part One - ArtDeco shadows
I have never used the shadows of this brand before, but, thanks to the site, I was imbued with some confidence in ArtDeco in absentia. Therefore, when I saw some new shadows on the stand instead of the summer collection, of course, I could not pass by. I don’t know whether this collection is new or not, as local consultants answer everything - Yes, it’s completely new, it doesn’t get newer - but on the official website I did not find any information about them.
So: the collection was presented, if I'm not mistaken, 7 pearl-pearl shades, I chose three for myself -
pink # 898
I love pink, I have them most (or green?)) of course, I could not take
blue - # 879
I took this color as an experiment. I’m warming myself with the Clarins summer palette, but the whole chip is in blue, and I didn’t know if it would suit me, I don’t have any blue ones.
and beige (with a drop of pink rose) - # 818
the most basic color, it will always come in handy for me on the farm
Shadows are declared as mineral and they have the Paraben Free badge on them (meaning, if we apply it to the base anyway?)
The shadows are very loose, the brush directly digs them, you need to pick up quite a bit and blow off the excess so that they do not crumble under the eyes, but still crumble a little. But on the other hand, they stew without problems even on the same base! This is a very big plus.

Color is given at 100% and even more. Very saturated. Very pearly. So much so that after application I go over the top with my finger to remove the excess. Well, so that a very thin layer remains on the eyelids. I put it on the base, by lunchtime under the sun, they seem to float a little, or more correctly, they will melt ... at the inner corner, the eyes no longer look very neat. But you can fix it with your finger and for a couple of hours this is enough.
In general, the shadows for me are a little so much) too pearly, too straightforward, too simple or something, but these are my zabobony. Given the price ratio (one refill cost about 250 rubles) - quality, you can put four in the shadows.
Here you can see for yourself, everything is simple - pink, blue arrows for the entire eyelid, everything is shaded with beige

Well, separately, as it were, a bonus) I want to say about the box for refills)))
I bought it separately, it is with a thin magnetic strip inside, on which refils are glued.
The latch broke at the very first closing) Yes, cheap, but angry
Duration of use - 4 days
Thanks for reading)