Art brushes in makeup

Many times in posts where the girls showed their makeup brushes, I saw not only cosmetic brushes, but also art ones. Because a month ago, I bought two more others to my only brush, then I decided to tell you about them.

First things first.
I started using makeup brushes about 2 years ago. And once at home, passing by flower pots, I noticed that a brush was stuck in one of them (there are many options for why it was there, we won’t talk about them), I immediately took it out of there. Then I remembered that this brush was for many years (probably 10) and it belonged to my older brother when he studied at the Institute of Arts.
The brush looked very good (as if bought yesterday), it turned out to be very soft, but what attracted me the most was its shape. I took it to myself and began to use it in makeup.
That's how I discovered the use of art brushes in makeup.
Now I’ll tell you more about the brushes.
1. Roubloff squirrel hair brush No. 5
The same brush with which it all began. Despite his advanced age for brushes, it looks very wonderful. Round, with a pointed tip, sooooo soft. I use it to apply shadows in the crease of the century, with this she copes with a 5 plus. Shadows are applied very evenly and thinly. Does not fade and does not fluff.
The only thing that needed to be done with it was to cut the handle, because she was probably 25 centimeters.

Price: unknown since was bought a very long time ago
Rating: 5
After the successful application of this brush, I wanted to replenish the collection and I began to look for where to buy art brushes. But the search was unsuccessful (apparently I was looking badly) and for a while I forgot about this venture.
Then recently I again decided to look for an art store in our city and found it!
When I arrived there, for the first few minutes I just looked at the whole variety of brushes in the store. My eyes were flying wide, I wanted to buy everything there! I remember that there was a whole showcase of synthetic brushes, many more squirrel brushes. And it was clear that the brushes were made very high quality.
Then I saw the already familiar company Roubloff and opted for 2 brushes of this particular company.
2. Roubloff synthetic brush number 12, still on it there is some number 1S35
I use this brush for applying concealer. It is made of synthetic material, soft and elastic, flat in shape, fairly dense and just right in width for me. Concealer is applied evenly, leaves no streaks.

Price: 110 rub
Rating: 5
3. Roubloff brush synthetic No. 1, 1B12
I use this brush for eyeliner. There were a lot of such thin brushes in the store. I chose mine because it is white)) She also had to cut the handle, I also bent it. The line is smooth, thin, everything as I wanted.

Price: 70 rub
Rating: 5
That's all for now. I think that I will definitely buy myself more art brushes.
Thanks for attention!
P.S. You can come to me.
Do you use art brushes in your makeup?

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