My new fondant Pupa Jeans N 'Roses in shade 01

Hello! I really want to share my newest lipstick from Pupa JEANS N 'ROSES from the spring collection 2012, I have a shade of 01. I'm just in love with her! In the store, I stumbled upon it quite by accident, tested it on my hand — I really liked the effect — a moist translucent coating, I would compare this lipstick to Dior Addict, although there is one BUT, Pupa is much better for me. I like a cute, small bottle. , completely unobtrusive, “sweet” smell, the color of the lipstick is light pink with a translucent shimmer, I would call this shade neutral, it seems to me that it will suit absolutely everyone. The texture is very pleasant, a bit greasy, but not sticky, like a balm, moisturizes well lips. GSI lipstick evenly, does not roll, it does not spread, long enough for a lipstick-gloss keeps lips. In general, solid advantages
And now swatch:

On the hand:
On the lips (the photos were taken in cloudy weather, we, unfortunately, have problems with the sun!)

Price: about 400 rubles
Test period: 1 month
Thank you all for your attention! Hope it was helpful!