Beautiful Dior Garden Clutch in the shade of Granville Garden 002

Hello Beauticians)))
I want to show and tell you about Dior Garden Clutch 002 Granville Garden - a limited edition palette in the spring of 2012. as soon as I saw it on a promotional photo my heart beat faster
in my opinion the design is the smallest, the clutch is very nice to hold in your hand, it is very weighty, pretty roses in the form of a latch, but the clutch closes with a magnet, roses are just for decor))) roses are everywhere, the garden is spring after all)) on the shadows I still it’s a pity to wash the pattern of lovely roses, the hand does not rise! I chose between shades 001 and 002, but since there were plenty of gray shades on the second shade, it seems to me more tender Isn’t it cute?))))here is such a sponge, on the one hand, and a brush on the other for the shines that are hidden under the cover with the Dior logothey are transparent in color, the first slightly tingles the lips, as I understand it maximazerand this is the second in my opinion they are the same, only the second is just a balm

shadows on the texture, dry they can be applied both dry and wet, wet method I have not tried yet))the most friable color is white, with many brilliant particlesshaded.
I couldn’t catch the right color, I’ll show the texture, a little denser than the white shadebrown, all three shadows are easily typed and stewed
top with base, bottom without
today my eyes were wildly scratched so we don’t pay attention to redness))
white solo
with brown in the corners, and ink

pink, brown to the outer corner, white to the inner, and the arrow gel eyeliner essence
the price is about 3500 without discounts, I got for 2700 in the rg on the stock
the rating is priceless)) 5 +++++++++++
I have been using it since March

Watch the video: Garden Clutch de Dior (December 2019).