Making happiness for a lakogolik. How it was

Once upon a time, no, not last Friday, but already in February 2011, this post marked the beginning of a wonderful game that connected local lacomaniacs for quite some time.
It’s invisible to the general public (all our meetings were held in private chats) we implemented this idea and now I want to report on the work done))

Briefly for the uninitiated, the essence of the event:

Starting with me, as the organizer of the action, we sent a number of varnish bubbles on a journey. Each of the participants, receiving the parcel, chose from it the specimens that she liked, instead presented her own and sent on.

Thus, the game involved:
37 adventurous lovers of 27 settlements in 6 countries of the world that forwarded to each other 100 varnishes 29 varnish brands! And the girls sent gifts and cards to each other))
Parcel was on the way 1 year 1 month and 1 weekclosing the circle where it started, i.e. I have. During the journey, the premise, as in that poem, grew up: instead of 6 sent varnishes, I received as many as 15!
I want to say thank you to all the participants for their responsibility, dedication and incredible positive! It was a truly fascinating story - with funny reports, big and not so worries, genuine emotions and a happy ending! And I will even thank the Russian Post here))
Gip-gip-hooray and let someone follow our example, because in life there is always a place for a game, pleasant surprises and new acquaintances!

Watch the video: How It Was feat. Future (December 2019).