Lucky Dior and porches

I was looking through my travel photos recently, and suddenly a “brilliant” thought struck me:
That's where Dior draws on color ideas for his varnishes!
Who cares - welcome to the entrance under the cat!

While in Paris, we moved from the Charles de Gaulle metro station to the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and beyond. So I noticed that in many multi-access houses the doors are very beautiful, massive and painted in different colors. Oddly enough, these colors seemed to me in tune with the shades of Dior varnishes!
In order not to be unfounded, I propose to compare the photo.
In addition, I ask you to understand that the post is not scientific, but rather entertaining, and does not pursue the goal of 100% coincidence of tones.
Hue Trafalgar:

Hue Gris Montaigne:

Hue Icone:

Rock Coat Coating:

Hue Glacier:

Tint Camel:

Tint Acapulco:

Hue Gruau:

Shade Electric Blue:

What do you say, beauties? Dior sheep also sometimes go on foot and might be interested ...
I think Japanese elementary school students would have laughed at me - at their young age they know 36 different shades by heart, they know how to name and show them! And these are just the basics. Well, almost all of us are not Japanese, but we still see the resemblance!
All photos of varnishes are not copyright and their intellectual property.

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