Resistant Eyeliner BelorDesign Style Line

Hello dear Beauticians!
I want to share with you a review about the resistant eyeliner BelinDesign

From the manufacturer: Special polymers provide color brightness and durability throughout the day. A thin, clear line - does not fade, does not spread, does not spread. The result is an expressive look and a stylish look!
From me: Not so long ago, I went to my favorite store of Belarusian cosmetics and saw this liner. Vaguely remembering that I read something positive about her, I took it, since the price allows me to experiment. And I was not mistaken. The felt-tip pen has a thin felt tip that allows you to make a very thin line. The color is saturated black, bright, does not change during the day, does not fade. Now about durability, everything suits me, she is really persistent, my record is 16 hours, she no longer wore. I wash off with a two-phase liquid to remove permanent makeup from the eyes of Sephora. Compare with the two markers that I had - EVA and Artdeco - it's the best!
In the photo she is 12 hours

The behavior of the line under a stream of water - as you see, remains in place
rubbed with fingers (active)
rubbed with a creamy makeup remover
As you can see, it is quite resistant, wiped only with a two-phase to remove waterproof makeup from the eyes.
Summary: a great inexpensive eyeliner for rich black arrows!
Rating: 5
Price: 100 rub.
Duration of use: 3 weeks
Thank you all for your attention, I’m Julia, please contact me as convenient!

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