Pearly Pupa holographic

Good evening girls!

As I recently walked around Rive Gauche and stumbled upon a new product from Pupa - these are shiny and mother-of-pearl varnishes. To be honest, I'm a fan of plain varnishes, but here, I could not resist and bought it.
anyone interested ask for a cat;)
There are two shades in my collection of holographic varnishes so far
1. violet - 035
2. I do not know how to determine this color and not pink and not red - 038
light bulb
I apologize in advance, the nails are extended and have already grown.
Varnishes are excellent, they lie just fine, without streaks, without gaps and bald spots. Just one layer is enough. But I put in standard two. Holds for a long time, three days for sure! (for me, this is the term) on the fourth tips begin to climb. In the end I put on a dryer, for some reason without it the varnish is not glossy (or it just turns out like this on my extended nails) The overflows in the sun and indoors are very beautiful, very diverse - gold, blue, pink! beauty-that-that!
Price : about 130 rubles for gold in the rive gosh.
Rating: only 5
In general, I am pleased that I will definitely replenish the new collection of holographic varnishes from Pupa.

Watch the video: Trying this "holographic" hydrating peel off mask lol - Edward Avila (December 2019).