How often do we use what lies in our “chests”?

Good day, dear Beauticians!
One question often makes me wonder: "Are there many young ladies who have a lot of makeup, but practically do not use anything?"
Of course, I’m interested to know the opinion of accomplices with “Beauticians”, because most of us probably buy everything and buy new products of decorative cosmetics, without even having time to erase the print on the product, not to mention the fact that the metal bottom can be seen !)))

For example, I don’t have a very large arsenal of decorative cosmetics, all the luxurious ones, except lipsticks, are carefully stored in their original boxes, each product has a factory print, there are products that I have never used before, because "sorry", going to work in the morning, I just have no time to open all these cartons, and even more so no time to put everything back, in connection with this, for the past 2.5 years I have only bought and stored cosmetics, and my colleagues saw me make-up just 2-3 times for all this time.
Only care is decreasing.
Girls, let's talk about the amount of cosmetics, the frequency of its use for every day, do you regret that if you use it too often, it will simply end (yes, I'm strange)? Why do we buy another product if we do not use it or use it, but occasionally? Well, in general, I want to listen to your opinion on this matter.
Your masha.
To me, as always, on "you".

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