Sisley Phyto-Teint Eclat Oil Free Long Lasting Fluid Fondation Reviews

Hello! Today I prepared for you a review on my favorite foundation from Sisley entitled Phyto teint eclatIt’s “tonal in glass”. He is very popular, loved by many, and I'm sure everyone has known everything about him for a long time, but still who is interested, I ask for a cat.

I’m quite self-critical and looking in the mirror I understand very well that my skin is mildly not very ... combined, generously sprinkled with freckles, with some redness, sometimes cyanosis, in general, my skin is not ice ... At the same time, I can’t stand dense tonal , which lie down with masks and plaster, I like to touch my face during the day and not feel anything extra foreign to my skin. Having tried a lot of different creams and luxury, and the masses, I was not hoping to find the perfect tonal for myself, but I was lucky, I fell into the hands of a sampler of the famous Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat and he won me over with its perfection.
From the manufacturer: The formula of the Phyto Teint Eclat foundation is an ideal consistency, a texture that is silky to the touch and a bright maximum natural complexion - these are the most modern technologies, a combination of specially selected components. Perfectly shaped spherical pigments in a silicone shell allow the foundation to glide easily on the skin when applied, leaving a finest silky-matte layer on the surface to hide imperfections. In addition, pigments scatter light upon reflection. This gives a visual masking effect, smoothing wrinkles. High-quality volatile silicones increase the stability of the foundation, add a feeling of lightness to the skin. Natural plant extracts of gardenia, linden and mallow soften and smooth the skin, guarantee comfort, moisturize the skin.
Detailed opinion: I agree with everything that the manufacturer promises. Tone really mattifies for the whole day, while not overdrying the skin, very persistent, withstood white collars, did not swim in the heat. I feel care, the skin after the cream is softer and more tender than before applying it. This I did not have with any tonal, and there were a lot of different ones.
The cream is in a frosted glass bottle of 30 ml with a dispenser. I will not call it economical, it is spent decently. I need two clicks if I use only foundation. If I plan to apply also powder, then I get by with one click. The consistency is quite liquid. Here you can see in the photo, while he took the camera, he swam on the arm
I have shade No. 02 Soft Beige, this is an average beige that can immediately turn yellow after application, but after a minute it simply merges with the skin, adjusting to its tone. I apply the cream with a brush from MAC duofiber 187. I tried it with my fingers - it is also possible, it is very light and lies in a thin layer. The coating is not dense. If there are signs, then he can’t cope with the solo, you need more powder on top. But all the powders, shimmers, meteorites and so on fall perfectly on him.
Photo "naked face"
Photo tonal to a thin layer (one click)
Photo tonal layer thicker (two clicks)
Photo tonal layer thicker (two presses) + meteorites
Price: 115 dollars The USA, sometimes got a slight discount, but cheaper than $ 90. did not meet (((
Test period: more than 2 years.
In conclusion, I’ll say that this foundation is a mustache for me. I wear his solo, interfere with the strobe from the MAC, equalize his tone before applying the powder and in general he is with me every day always and everywhere. I also like that if I got a tan a little or vice versa “washed off”, he will still lie well, adjust “for me”. One thing is sad - the price ... but so far they haven’t come up with anything better.
Thank you all for your attention!

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