Oriflame Beauty: Triple Core Lipstick Spectacular Nude

Not so long ago, I shared my delights with three Oriflame lip products, which quite successfully resumed my old acquaintance with the brand. Today we will talk about another lipstick of the Swedish brand, which was also presented to me by my mother. Initially, I was skeptical about it, since all these 3-in-1 pieces are not particularly impressive and do not cause much confidence. Moreover, lipstick clearly contains sparkles (sorry, but my tongue doesn’t turn these hateful sparkling particles to call shimmer / glitter, etc., sparkles - they are sparkles). In general, what came of it can be read under the cut.

I will start traditionally with design and packaging. Lipstick in a plastic case "under the metal" is very cheap and sloppy, it looks shabby and wretched. It is evident that the brand does not focus on the quality of packaging, but it is a pity. Lipstick itself in a three-part stick: white core - lip balm; middle “sparkling” layer - those same sparkles; the third, outer layer - the actual lipstick, cream.
Oriflame Beauty Triple Core Lipstick Spectacular Nude

By the way, the photo shows how the protruding part of the package scratches the lipstick itself, which further exacerbates its deplorable appearance.

My lipstick in a beige nude shade Spectacular Nude. In total, 4 grams in the stick, thanks for that, were not stingy (compared to Power Shine, where the lipstick itself is more than 2 times less).

Probably, you could put an end to all this and forget about lipstick as a nightmare, but I was wondering what it is in business. And then, frankly, another surprise awaited me. And she, as it turned out, is very good!
A rather universal color, not very saturated, but at the same time gives a light beige-pink hue.

It lays down evenly, does not flow anywhere, is not collected anywhere, does not form a white line. Feels on the lips very soft and pleasant, gives not only the coating that is required from the lipstick, but also very good care.

It is strange that for some time the manufacturer’s promises are 100% the same as what we see in practice. After applying lipstick, the lips remain soft, well-groomed for a long time. The color does not last long, and it is the lipstick that disappears / is eaten in the first place.

Then, for a long time, the presence of lip balm is felt on the lips. And when, after 4-5 hours, it passes, they remain on the skin - sparkles! To say that they were too large and intrusive (they are generally not, in my opinion, against the general background), but they are. And they are not only on the lips, but also on the hands / fingers / other parts of the body / objects (and how do they only get there?). And it makes me a little nervous. Still, I love cream lipsticks and varnishes more, my soul does not accept glitter in cosmetics.
Total, good-quality lipstick in a completely inappropriate design. I can’t say that I’m deeply in love with her, but I use it relatively constantly. By the way, I forgot to say that it smells very nice and delicious. If not for these glitters and the wretchedness of the packaging, it would be generally awesome.
Test period: 1 month
Price: 78.5 UAH (this, as I understand it, the maximum price without discounts)
Rating: 4+

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