Foundation gel-gel Rimmel Match Perfection. Hue 100 Ivory

Today I want to devote my post to my recent purchase, namely Rimmel Match Perfection.I don’t have good skin and therefore I am in eternal search for a foundation that would suit me perfectly. By my 30s, I can say that the search continues. Unfortunately, I use foundation all year round, and in the summer it is very difficult to find something that would not slip from my oily skin in an hour.
I mainly use luxury brands, but recently I heard great reviews about this little thing and bought myself one copy.
What can I say, at the moment all my tonal creams are removed in a distant box.
From the manufacturer: Match Perfection foundation gel cream with an incredibly light, melting texture with light covering ability. The revolutionary Smart-tone technology instantly reproduces the texture and skin tone, blending as much as possible with a natural tone.
But first things first.
Let's start with the packaging. This gel is in a glass jar, inside is a plastic plug that is very difficult to open. As you can see, a very large amount of product is collected on this stub. And you have to constantly use the product with a stub.
And this is a minus.
On this, the cons end. The gel has a very delicate texture. It spreads very easily and smoothly on the face, the only thing I put with a brushand I can’t imagine how it will be distributed by hands. And it dries quickly, so I do not apply it immediately to the whole face, but first on one side and then on the other. It is perfectly applied with my brush.
Now my skin is nude.
Expanded pores, redness, acne and minor inflammation. A whole bunch of problems.
And this gel copes with them with a bang. Coverage with him, I would say average. But it can be increased to a denser one and it will look quite natural. I love the coating is dense and therefore I apply it quite intensively and most importantly shade well. It gives a matte finish, does not make a mask, perfectly evens skin tone, masks minor imperfections. Perfectly adapts to the skin tone.
It is well worn, even in the heat of 30 degrees. Only the T-zone shines and then, in a couple of hours. Does not require fixing with powder. It has a neutral smell, has not noticed clogging of pores, unfortunately does not have SPF.And so, to summarize.
With this tool, at the moment I am very pleased. It is great for my oily skin in summer. It does everything the manufacturer claims. For its small price, a wonderful thing!
Price: 260 rubles for gold in the WG.
Rating: 5
Term of use: 1.5 weeks.
Well, bye, bye!

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