My find is Kose masks

Once, while reading Tiina Meder, I was puzzled by the search for collagen sheets. And I turned my attention to the Kose fabric mask with collagen, later I bought a moisturizing and eye mask.

The Kose brand is popular in Japan and has fairly affordable prices.

1. Kose Clearturn Essence Mask
A mask with collagen, moisturizing properties are also claimed. In truth, this is a wonderful find, the mask fit me 100%. The manufacturer writes that you need to hold it for 5 minutes, I hold it longer until all the moisture is absorbed and it no longer holds on my face, about 15 minutes it turns out. The fabric sheets are impregnated with a liquid with a pleasant and not strong aroma. All winter this mask helped me out: heating, frosts - everything affected the skin not in the best way, there were slight peeling, this mask removed them at once. After the mask, the skin is not only moisturized, but also some more elastic to the touch. 26 sheets in a pack (many   ) The manufacturer writes that it can be used every day, 1-2 times a week is enough for me. Gave the same sister, she is as enthusiastic as I   Reorder? Surely, or rather already rides  

Rating: 5+
Price: 15 dollars
2. Kose Clearturn Deep Moisturizing Essence Mask
My opinion: This mask is declared as moisturizing due to the presence of hyaluronic acid in the mask, which (as the manufacturer promises) penetrates into all layers of the skin, and the manufacturer also promises to smooth wrinkles caused by dry skin.
The mask is very similar to a mask with collagen, but a slightly different fragrance, moisturizing gives excellent, I alternate, this one, then with collagen, but for some reason I fell in love with mask No. 1, after it I have a more elastic face, or it seems that she was just the first, that’s why she hooked   In any case, I consider these masks to be one of my best cosmetic finds. Ease of use, no tubes, clean hands, no flushing, put on face (I personally don’t fall off even while walking or sitting at the computer) and took off, my face was rested and moisturized  
The masks are very well impregnated, but just in case (to avoid drying out), during storage, I additionally seal the hole with tape, for several months of storage, the masks have not dried and are still wet.
The mask is very wet and looks funny.  
Rating: 5
Price: 15 dollars
3. Kose Clearturn Q10 Eye Mask

My opinion: The package has 36 patches (18 uses). But these patches did not impress me, perhaps because they are very similar to fabric face masks that capture the area around the eye, so I consider this mask to be unnecessary. Patches are exactly from the same material, they give moisture, but no more. All the same, I prefer patches from another, more dense material, which I saw with EL, Apivita, Shiseido, but there the price is several times more expensive. Reorder? Not.
Rating: 4
Price: 12 dollars
All Kose masks are made in Japan. The manufacturer claims that they are suitable for all types of skin, but the bias is made towards dry and sensitive.
Have you tried anything with this brand?
Your -Hisja

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