How I wanted diversity

Good day, dear beauticians!
In our city, it’s just a terrible heat, up to + 32, everything, including the brain, melts;) And because of the red-hot brain and my sometimes violent imagination, I decided that something needs to be done with the nails at least a little original recently I go with just plain cream varnishes, boredom. Well, after delving into the bins I found a craquelure from China Glaze bought for a long time and a brand new varnish from Orly. Well, it started

Full name of varnish:
China Glaze Crackle Fault Line Purple 81056, Orly Lollipop 40729
Detailed opinion:
I bought this craquelure about six months ago, I use it periodically and am quite happy. Unfortunately, I have nothing to compare with, this is the only crack I have. The brush is quite comfortable, the effect of it suits me. Its only minus is that it has already begun to gradually thicken, but it is worth shaking the bottle well and it is like new.
Well, the eaglet took literally a couple of weeks ago, quite by accident, followed the varnish from the same Sweet, Lemonade collection, but since this one wasn’t there, this one took it. I have an extremely positive attitude towards the varnishes of this company, the brush is comfortable, dries within 10-15 minutes with drying, unfortunately no more than two days to wear, even with top, but this is more likely a joint of my nails.
In the photo with a top from Inm Looks Wet. All photos are taken in daylight.

330 for Orly, 300 for China Glaze
China Glaze - 4, Orly - 5.
Thank you all very much for your attention. I’m Nastya.

Watch the video: I Wanted Diversity. englishspanish (December 2019).