Guerlain terracotta soleia

Despite the fact that this year's release of Sun in teh City did not catch me, this rather similar, it would seem, product could not leave me indifferent. In general, I really like powdery products for the face, irrationally and gently.
I would call this powder a shimmer with a clear bronze tint. The size is large, such a specific saucer, however, implies that the product can be used not only for the face, but also for the body. A very beautiful print, which, however, judging by the testers in the stores, erases quite quickly. Gold spraying in the center reminded me very much of the shade and texture of that same Sun in thу City, and I will show it on my skin, but I can not listen, because I can not make a real comparison, so I can be mistaken in the nuances. The powder is compressed quite tightly, so you can dial a very microscopic amount of product for a barely noticeable shine. A little dusty. If you don’t like the top coat, a couple of brush strokes are enough - and it isn’t! I was struck by the ease with which the gold disappeared, leaving the drawing intact.
So, it's time to move on to the photo.

To the left of the finger is powder from the center of the puck, to the right is powder from the very edge.

This effect gives a gold dusting:

This is how the powder itself looks on the hand without direct light and in the light, respectively:

And on the face:

Then I applied it very abundantly, you won’t get out on people like that, but you can evaluate the possibilities of layering.

And a couple of photos in the image:

Price: 2650 p. before discounts
Duration of use: 3 days

Watch the video: GUERLAIN - Terracotta Collection 2019 (December 2019).