To India "Spice Road" with Penhaligon's "Malabah"

Penhaligon's English House preserves its fragrant traditions since 1860, for the past 150 years, producing niche perfumery compositions. Its founder William Henry Penhaligon At one time, he became a well-known supplier of perfumes, lipsticks and eau de toilette for the most notable people of London, and his Penhaligon's trading house in the 20th century was appreciated by such monarchal personalities as Queen Alexandra, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales. The brand still uses classic recipes and prides itself on the uniqueness and purity of its aromas. The design of the bottles remains traditional and recognizable - with a lid in the form of a glass ball and a bow tied around the neck.
To create perfume “Malabah” the perfumer was inspired by an imaginary journey along the east coast of India, through the historical region of Malabar - along the “Spice Road”, to a world woven from ancient legends, smoke of incense, bright colors, sensual dances and passions.

Description from the manufacturer (my free translation from Penhaligon's London official website): The composition opens with notes of lemon, green coriander and smoky aroma of Earl Gray tea, which then give way to the pure sound of roses, ginger and fragrant spices. The delicate basis of the composition is the violet root, and sweet ambergris and musk make the aroma luxurious and sensual.
Malabah Penhaligon's is an oriental spicy fragrance for women. Designed for spring and summer, for daytime. Sweet, soft perfume. Possesses good durability, easy loop.
Pyramid composition (I did the collage myself, but I hope that it is readable):

My impressions of the fragrance: I have been to India several times, and I love this country very much for its ancient culture, the incredible beauty of saris, music unusual for the European ear, and divine cuisine. Inhaling Malabah, I hear sitara overflowing and tinkling of gold bracelets, I smell the spicy smell and taste of my beloved chutney on the tongue, I feel the warmth of cheese chapatis in my hands and the melting tenderness of the coated paniri sauce. India is beautiful and unique ...

Breathing in Malabah, I want to smile all around and jump for joy, like a child. This fragrance, like a ringing laugh, scattering in the space around you, like the bright colors of Indian sarees, which, playfully laughing, I want to wrap myself and turn in front of the mirror, and see how Indian women in the store smile and laugh at your carefree game.
It is light, very cheerful, a little sweetish, a little tart, a little tea - like Indian dishes in restaurants for Europeans, whose insatiable richness and pungency are softened to calm our perception. The sensations from him are comparable to a sip of cool mango lassi after richly spicy dishes. Malabah is a true elixir of great mood. Warm, gentle, enveloping, restrained Indian, carefully luring the European consciousness into its spicy bergamot nets ... Most clearly I feel ringing and laughing gingerlooking out of a cup with Earl gray, and on a plate at this cup lies sweet ambergris and a piece candied lemon peel.
The aroma is complex, iridescent and unusual. I had not inhaled anything like this in perfumery before: when the game of Indian spices subsides, these perfumes begin to smell .... Pepsi cola! Yes, Pepsi-Cola from a children's park with attractions - an effervescent, dark brown, with a white playing foam that remains above the upper lip with a funny and sweet mustache. It is incredibly harmonious: sweetish, but not cloying, with the smell of bergamot and tea, but not commonplace, like many tea flavors, filled with spices, but not overloaded with them and not heavy. It is fun, carefree and cozy.

The story of my "communication" with Penhaligon's: It so happened that I avoided returning to Penhaligon's perfumes for a very long time, because once upon a time for my 16th birthday I was presented with my first fragrance of this brand - Extract of Limes. Either the mood was like that, or I didn’t understand it then, but I didn’t like the smell at all - stubbornly associated with a room freshener. And I decided Penhaligon's was not for me at all. But in vain. Artemisia turned out to be beautiful, Zizonia - pleasant and unusual, and Juniper Sling “pulled the blanket over itself” for a long time in the fight against Malabah. I also really want to get acquainted with Amaranthine - so long as the "nose has not reached."
Luca Turin about Malabah Penhaligon's: Monsieur, as always, is extremely critical and even cruel - he evaluates this aroma of the old perfumery house as a “deuce” and characterizes it as “woody oriental” - oriental woody. Although, in my opinion, the latter characteristic is more of a compliment, and not vice versa. Apparently, Turin simply does not like this brand as a whole, because almost all Penhaligon's received mainly “2” or “3” from him, and only the violet “Violetta” was awarded the supportive “four”. But the flower-suffocating "Boucheron" Boucheron, the murderous "Cuir de Russie" Chanel and a number of controversial aromas he rated as much as "5", so the conclusions of even such masters are relative and should not lead us astray)
Estimated price: 70 pounds - 50 ml