Art Deco longlasting lipstick # 40 pink nude

I really love this lipstick for its color, and as usual, I forgive her for some of the "cons" only for the color. I have been using it for a long time, it fits almost any makeup. I would call her shade "pink nude." Who cares to see what kind of "beast" I ask for cat:

The lipstick is matte, there is practically no gloss in it, it is slightly perceptible except in the photo. There is no shimmer in it either, which pleases. The lipstick does not smell, I don’t feel it, the texture is dense, I think it will block even the bright pigment of the lips. She lays down capriciously, sometimes crawls into cracks, rarely emphasizes peeling (emphasizes large ones). She moisturizes her lips a little, but after disappearing from her lips they remain dry. It doesn’t leave a white strip for me, which pleases me. I think this color is universal, and therefore suitable for both blondes and brunettes. The quality of the lipstick is not bad, the price is acceptable, when the fondant is over I will definitely buy it. The lipstick case is cheap, but it does not crack or scratch. The only drawback of the case is that the silver inscription was erased from it. The fondant is small, thin, due to its softness, sometimes it is scratched on the walls of the case, and it doesn’t look like ah over time.
Her color is very delicate, I just love it! Usually I combine it with an Art Deco No. 25 pencil, and here they are in the photo:

Image as a whole:
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Period of use: more than 6 months
Rating: 4+
Price: up to 10 dollars