Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Longue Tenue Eye Shadows Reviews

Hello! Today I will show you fabulous shadows from the Sisley. Despite their color, they are great for everyday use. How, look under the cat:
<ну что="" я="" могу="" сказать?="" лаконичная="" матовая="" упаковка="" c="" крошечным="" логотипом="" сислей,="" с="" которой="" очень="" тяжело="" стираются="" отпечатки="" пальцев.="" коробочка="" открывается="" где-то="" на="" 170="" градусов,="" при="" этом="" крышка="" отлично="" фиксирует="" свое="" положение.="" внутри:="" зеркало="" на="" всю="" длину="" коробочки,="" прозрачная="" упаковка,="" чтоб="" зеркало="" не="" пылилось,="" достаточно="" жесткий="" аппликатор="" и="" собственно="" 1,="" 5="" грамм="" самых="">
The shadows themselves in texture remind me of the five YSL. Therefore, a hard applicator does not seem like a mockery from the manufacturer. Although there is a fairly large shimmer in the shadows (or is glitter better?), It does not scratch the eyelids.
They are applied with a brush, then the result will be more transparent, and the applicator-color becomes more saturated.
Resistance: on fat eyelids without a base, at a temperature of +30 they hold for 8-9 hours without changes, then the color fades a little. At +20 hours resistance 12.
The main surprise for me was the color.
Daylight in the shade: In the bright sun:
It turned out that the shadows are not black at all.
When applied by the dry method, the color is closer to gray, when wet, the color of wet asphalt. In the shadow:
In the sun:I managed to catch the very diamonds:.
Plus: when applying shadows in a wet way, the product itself is not salted and has a very neat appearance.
With such shadows, you can draw anything on the eyes: from light and very saturated arrows:

Before daytime and rich evening makeup:
Everyday option: just put a shadow with a dry brush on the eyelid and shade it: (photo in the shadow)Mixed with green shadows. (photo in the sun). Here are the wonders of lighting: I look in the mirror, the shadows spread evenly over the eyelid, in the sun I see bald spots due to sparks of shadows. In life, this is not!
And two evening options. With purple shadows (applied with a wet applicator).
In the shadow:In the sun:
And a purely black version (also applied with a wet applicator):
Price:.Present. (In "Brocard" about 500 UAH.)
Test period: half a year.

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