L'oréal Color Riche 503 Addictive Plum


This year, the Loreal brand has released a new large line of varnishes. I liked orange on swatches, but when varnishes arrived at our place, corals in my collection were no longer needed. As a result, the shade of 503 Addictive Plum was purchased.
All the details under the cut

The palette is diverse, but as always, not all shades were brought. I definitely didn’t see green and brown.
My hue is closer:
A small bubble of square shape, the design is quite simple. Quite unexpectedly, in such a tiny bottle was a large flat brush. Big and shaggy. The texture of the varnish is creamy-jelly, easy to apply, two layers look tight and do not shine through. Even such a brush could not spoil the coating.
I paint my nails so often that I no longer smell the varnish. We assume that it is not very pronounced. Two layers with the top inm dry for 15-20 minutes, which is not very fast, many varnishes with this top dry faster. It is completely erased normally, I did not find any problems with this. It can be worn for three days, then the ends begin to cleave.

And now for the swatch

Where is the drain here? Where is the expected pinkish shade? The hue should have been called "ripe cherry." Ripe, juicy, shiny cherry, we have such good stuff now) I love such shades in any season, for me they are universal to wear, fit the mood, but in this case I wanted a little different. The color on the nails turned out not quite like the color in the bubble, all the pinkness evaporated miraculously! I did not use the base, top inm. By the way, without a top the situation is similar.

A few more photos:

Well, red, no doubt!

I will wear, but he did not deserve the highest rating. A brush and a weird color change did the trick.
Rating: 4
Price: something about 130 rubles.
Thanks for attention)
I wish your expectations always come true!