Natural and organic skin care. Phenome and Organique

Good afternoon, beauties)
Meet new brands today. Both brands are Polish, both are good.
Let's start with Phenome. A brand with big claims, its own idea, mission and its own standards, which (oho-ho) are stated above Ecocert standards. For example, Ecocert permits the use of up to 5% of synthetic ingredients in the cosmetics formula, while in Phenome these components are allowed no more than 2%! Well, many, many similar things can be read on their website.
The makeup of the cosmetics is certainly on top. Dark “pharmacy” glass even with shampoos. Tin lids, dark recycled cardboard in a package, black silk ribbons ... Everything whispers directly - Oh, take me, stroke me, buy me, baby ...  
Well, you can simply meditate on the compositions, but empty jars can be brought back and handed over, for this you will get bonuses, for which you can then get a full-fledged bottle of your choice for free. I was handed several finely printed sheets with the terms of the "game") Prices are reasonable. As far as I understood, the anti-aging series is the most expensive, and I bought my cream for ... about 1800 in Russian rubles for 50 ml.
Well, in general, about the cream ... in fact, this is not quite a cream, but a lotion.
my humble translation
Oily and combination skin lotion
Phenome ANTI-WRINKLE face lotion
Designed specifically for the daily care of oily and combination skin, it is developed on a water-based basis of ecological and natural plant extracts. Ideally strengthens the skin, smoothes out fine wrinkles and inequalities, reduces wrinkles, neutralizes the activity of free radicals, delaying the aging process. Increases the moisture level in the skin, providing the effect of matte and fresh skin. It stimulates the production of beta-endorphins in the skin, which reduce the effects of stress and fatigue. It makes the skin perfectly smooth, youthfully supple, full of energy and vitality. Light texture provides superior product absorption.

There is a separation in the anti-aging line on the cream (which goes for dry and sensitive skin) and its less oily version as a lotion (for owners of combination and oily skin). I have a lotion with a very light consistency. Very easily, as water is applied to the face, it is absorbed as quickly and without a trace. During application, it may seem that it sticks a little to the fingers, but after soaking, nothing of the kind is accurate. In general, it is actually very similar to serum. I think it will be used perfectly in day care, as the lotion does not oily the skin at all. By the way, yes ... this is a good idea, you need to swap creams in places, and as I had never thought of before ...
The smell, as you might guess, is medical. It smells if I'm not mistaken in camphor. Just like the compresses that my mom threw on my throat in childhood. It does not bother me, on the contrary it somehow calms me down. The color is light gray, like some kind of ointment.
At the moment, I have been using it a little over a month and the lotion makes me happy. The skin after it is very fresh and rested, light and supple. If not for the vile traces of the recent fight against acne on the forehead, I would be completely satisfied with the condition of my skin. The nasolabial folds have definitely become softer. This is especially noticeable immediately after using the lotion.
The only thing I did not understand completely was that after it I feel some kind of tightness of the skin, but whether it tightens or is it such a lifting effect, I can’t say with confidence. That does not dry the skin, that's for sure. No peeling a month has appeared. But what is certain is that he fights inflammation and pimples and wounds on the skin heal faster overnight than with other creams.
Happy with the lotion, it really works.
Rating: 5
But with the cream Phenome OIL-CONTROL mattifying cream mutual understanding somehow didn’t happen. I bought it with the previous one in the hope that it will help me cope with an unexpected misfortune. My forehead was attacked by acne and clogged pores. Only the forehead, the whole face is completely clean. Plus, I would like him to regulate excess sebum in the T-zone, in the summer it is especially important for me as the owner of a combination skin type. It would seem that this cream was created specifically for my needs, because it is Moisturizer to protect skin from imperfections

My humble translation
Moisturizing cream gel with a light, non-greasy texture, designed for comprehensive care for oily skin with severe deficiencies. Gently, but effectively reduces inflammation of the skin, which manifests itself in the form of acne and tubercles. The ingredients contained in it eliminate dead skin cells that clog pores and are responsible for the appearance of blackheads. The product moisturizes, and skin-matting enzymes improve its color. The cream is soft, suitable even for skin prone to irritation.
The cream in the jar looks like a light gray ointment, it smells like something chemist's, but the first note clearly breaks the lemon. It is applied very strange. He somehow is in no hurry to soak up and if you look closely, with insufficient rubbing of the cream, you can see it on the face with thin, barely noticeable stains. Therefore, it must be rubbed into the skin. True, not for long, it only takes a couple of extra seconds, but still. I feel it on my face for a while, it lies with a thin film. I even see how light is reflected from this film and my face seems brilliant. Unexpectedly, right?) Needless to say, matting with such tricks, of course, I did not wait from him. Not only that, and with inflammation on the forehead, with which I was so eager for reprisals, he does not fight at all. Here is such an ambush. The cream turned out to be completely useless. I also tried a lotion from the same series, for full care for oily skin I had to use them together, but at the time of purchase the lotion was not available and I got several probes. And thank God. I didn’t even use the probes to the end, because the lotion was just very sticky on my face.
I don’t even know how to rate this cream, probably 0.
Price: about 1200 for 50 ml.
The second brand Organique is a relatively young (about 10 years) Polish brand, as you might guess, positioning itself as organic. It was founded as the first Polish organic cosmetic company (?), Began with the creation of a network of salons called Organic Natural Cosmetics & Spa. At first, cosmetics were produced exclusively for salons, several years ago they began to sell for "home use"
In this brand, I looked after myself an eye cream Organique Eternal Gold anti-wrinkle eye contour cream
he is Gold anti-wrinkle cream for the eye area
Anti-wrinkle cream for daily care of delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. Contains natural, carefully selected active ingredients wrinkle action, moisturizes and soothes. Gold particles subtly highlight the skin, optically hiding any imperfections.
The cream tightens the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, is well absorbed, giving immediate relief and comfort. It does not cause irritation, reduces signs of fatigue. Provides an immediate lifting effect and reduces crow's feet.
yes, they say there are UVA & UVB filters and even gold))
the shelf life of my cream is 5 months
the cost of about 700 rubles for 15 ml.
Oh, for a very long time I chose it among 4 applicants, then 2 remained, and even though the second roster was much stronger, I chose this one. Why? Girls, you need to try it. The cream just has an unusually pleasant consistency! No, just magical! I am ready to apply it under my eyes with kilograms, only to be able to immerse my finger in this cream again and again. (although of course it is recommended exclusively with a spatula   )
In action, I also like him, immediately after application, the skin becomes noticeably more elastic, there is a lifting effect, but not such that it tightens the skin directly, but is very soft. Serious wrinkles become less deep, small wrinkles are completely smoothed. And the skin around the eyes becomes noticeably lighter. I have been using this cream for about 2 months (the month this jar and the month the previous probe) and I really notice an improvement in the condition of the skin around the eyes. I think this cream is very worthy for its age category)) I will undoubtedly try face cream from the same series.
Rating: 5
Thank you for your attention, I hope you were interested)

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