Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

Hello dear girls!

Chanel Le vernis 531 Peridot

There was a lot of controversy and conflicting opinions about this varnish, and so it didn’t happen right away with this color. As soon as the collection came out, I didn’t like this “green” one, and it was exactly how it seemed to me at first glance. But as I looked at different posts, examined him from different angles and under different lighting conditions, I liked him with his golden tint. And so I wanted it, but it was too late ... by then it had been dismantled. But it’s not in vain that they say if you want something very much ... They brought Peridot to us again!

Lac Chanel 2011 Autumn Limit. Color is mixed and unusual. I liked it very much on my pens, especially in the sun and under artificial lighting. How beautifully it opens and changes color! It’s green, it’s gold, it’s olive-bronze. It is so interesting to watch these overflows. In a word, varnish is a chameleon!
It is applied perfectly, does not spread, although it is quite liquid. Dries fast. It was this color, as it seemed to me, that dries faster than the usual 20 minutes. I wear like all varnishes in two layers, without a base. Sometimes with top sometimes without. The top lasts 4-5 days (but 5 days walking with the same color is too much for me, the manicure itself is not perfect, and I also want to change the color).
Removes easily, like other varnishes. The nail plate does not stain.
Now let's move on to swatch in different lighting conditions.

Rating: 5+
Price: $27
Thank you all for your attention.

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