Exquisite treat for the skin - Planeta Organica 100% Natural Body Scrub (Siberia)

Good day, dear beauticians! Today I want to tell you about another of my favorites, about the incredible body scrub Planeta Organica 100% Natural Body Scrub (Siberia).
I wonder why he is so incredible? I ask for a cut

I will start, perhaps, with the fact that body scrubs I really like much more than other body products, this, of course, affects their amount in my bathroom. But this one from the very first use has become special. I did not find a single review about him (according to the consultant, this line has only recently appeared on sale), and now I can not help but share - he conquered me. So, let's understand what.
The can looks like this ...
and the scrub in the bank - so ...
Immediately I will show a small nuance - the plastic of the can is quite thin (when pressed, this is noticeable). For the photo, I clicked hard enough, in fact, such "dents" do not happen to me:
The manufacturer assures that the scrub uses certified organic ingredients and that it does not contain parabens and SLS:
Description, composition, information about the manufacturer:
Open the jar - we see the most delicious picture ...
as if there was something between raspberry sorbet and raspberry jam
Looks delicious, right?
Now let's see what he really is.
Scrub on the hand ...
rubbed a little (on dry skin):
The photo shows that the scrub is thick, viscous. In fact, it is VERY thick. Do not believe? See photo (back to the bank)

Now let's see how it behaves on wet skin (we will apply it on wet skin)
On the hand, it is applied to wet skin and is slightly rubbed:
The photo shows that on wet skin it turns into milk, very soft. To make it clear that this is not foam, but really milk:
Detailed opinion: you already saw the external charm of a scrub, now let's talk about the internal. The scrub is very thick, but spreads very easily on the skin, scrub very carefully, but does not scratch. In terms of scrubbing, it is similar to salt scrubs (it is also salt to some extent - sea salt and crushed walnut shells act as abrasive particles. I need it quite a bit unlike classic salt scrubs - a teaspoon is enough for my whole body. Considering that in a jar of 450 ml, it’s very economical. It smells fantastic! It’s difficult to describe this fragrance, it’s not pure raspberry, it’s a mixture of berries, sugar syrup and fruit liqueurs. The smell is very refined, complex (like a scrub), it remains on the skin after shower 1.5-2 hours so sorry that no longer. The scrub has a very interesting feature - it warms. But this heat is not at all the same as ordinary warming scrubs (for example, the hot anti-cellulite Fitness Body), it is very similar to the heat that is felt during a massage session - it comes from the hands, and not from the scrub itself (appears when rubbing the skin and directly in the rubbing areas.) Sorry, I don’t know how to explain it better, but it’s a very, very pleasant feeling even now, in thirty-degree heat. The scrub does not foam (and should not), so you should not expect purification from it. But moisturizing and velvety is easy! The skin after it feels great - hydrated, does not ask for cream. When washing off, water droplets flow down, as if the skin is a little oiled, but there is absolutely no feeling of greasy. Plus it is very, not even that, VERY relaxing - I barely get to the bed after a shower and fall asleep very quickly (in fact, I have trouble sleeping). In general, this is a lifesaver not only for my skin, but also for the nervous system. So I really, really recommend it just not in the morning
The treat turned out to be incredibly enjoyable and just as incredibly useful.
Needless to say, I'm already in love with him?
Price: 65 UAH (8 $)
Test period: 2 weeks

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