Review of varnish novelties: Revlon, Pupa, Nubar, Sally Hansen

Today I want to talk about my varnish news. Something really very long I was preparing this post ...)

1. Revlon # 044 Blue Lagoon

I bought this varnish from the second approach to the store. I saw - fell in love. Carried to the cashier, and the saleswoman said to me: "926 rubles"
More expensive than Chanel on a gold card ??! What kind of nonsense? I arrived home, read to the Beautician and realized that the red price of varnish is 300 rubles. Not too lazy, we went back with my girlfriend the same day, only on another Summer. So I took it)
In fact, baby blue varnish with a silver shimmer. The color of course is simply unreal! On this, the positive qualities of varnish end.
Together with beautiful color, we have absolutely disgusting quality! The first layer of striped horror like! The second only slightly corrects the situation. But with the third layer there are no stripes, but there is a plasticity that I don’t want to see in such a beautiful shade
Conflicts with the SH base! There are no bands, but it bubbles
Only now it dries quickly.

The brush is quite comfortable. It looks like a brush like Nubar varnishes.

Application: base + 2 coat of varnish + top.

Rating: 5 for color, 2 for quality.
Price: about 260 rub for 14.7 ml
2. Pupa Lasting Color L140

I have this varnish for more than a year. Used it 2 times by force.
Absolutely disgusting color! I wanted a bride’s varnish for myself, but I got some absolutely ridiculous mother of pearl.

Terribly striped! In 1, 2, 3 layers! No matter how many layers. A completely uncomfortable cap and a long brush. I just can’t get used to it.
This shade will emphasize all the imperfections of the nail (even which are not!). In general, an extremely unfortunate shade. Only durability is good - 4 days perfectly holds.
On the nails, the varnish is applied in 2 layers.

Price: about 180r for 5ml
Rating: 2
3. Pupa Holographic Nail Polish N086

Not a fan of holographics, but I liked this one)
Really chic varnish in quality! Without base and top, it stays stable for 4 days, then the top layer starts to grind down. The base lasts 1 week.
Varnish shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. It looks really very nice and summer!

Surprised that in 1 layer lies very tight and does not require a second.
The brush is still the same standard insanely uncomfortable! Round cap, long brush ... I can’t get used to it!

Varnish applied in 1 layer to the base.

Price: about 180r for 5ml
Rating: 5
4. Pupa Holographic Nail Polish N080

It seems to be the same holographic, but the exact opposite of the shade of 086!
What shade? In 2 layers, bald scary. The holographic himself is weak, some kind of cadaverous-silver ugly color is obtained. I couldn’t carry it for days. In the evening I applied it, the day after work I took it off.
Disgusting shade! And the quality is appropriate.

Price: about 180r for 5ml
Rating: 2
5. Nubar G173 Iced Licorice

Ohhh, that was love at first sight!
I saw in the post "what is now on your nails" at Nina and fell in love!
Without thinking, I ordered it. Waited a month with impatience.

Insanely beautiful varnish! Violet and gold glitter. It shimmers very beautifully. This varnish is my love ...

Very comfortable brush. Gains exactly as much varnish is needed.

The first time I applied the varnish to very short nails and did not understand it ... The next time I applied it to the overgrown ones and then it opened! The varnish just burns and shimmers! I recommend wearing it on long nails or medium length. Lac holiday!
It is worn gorgeous! Even without a base and top I lasted 1 week!
Dries very quickly. It shines through in 1 layer, so it is necessary to apply 2 layers, or even 3 - this is already for everybody)
Application is standard: base + 2 layers of varnish + top.
I tried to convey the beauty of this varnish in different lighting conditions.

Price: I got expensive ... about 500r for 15 ml
Rating: 5+
6. Sally Hansen # 510 I pink I can

Real Barbie Pink. I love these colors, they touch me)
I always thought that the volume of the bottle is unreal! But no ... now I looked - 14.7 ml. But visually it seems that the whopper is still that!

The brush is not very convenient for me ... I have lost the habit of such.

I did not penetrate the varnish from the very beginning.
In 1 layer, a beautiful color is obtained, but striped. In 2 layers it is still striped, but plasticity is manifested.
True situation corrects the base! 2 layers fit perfectly.
Durability is very good - without a base and top, it stays stable for 4 days, and the tips "run away" for 5 days.
Now I am filled with love for varnish, I really like this Barbie-pink on medium-length nails.
The application is again standard: base + 2 layers of varnish + top.

+ Zoya Spring 2012 Fleck Effect Chloe # ZP584

Price: about 200 rub for 14.7 ml
Rating: 4
Thanks for attention!

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