Russian-Japanese washing

Surviving the heat for 30 degrees in the city is terrible. The skin on the face is crazy, small and more rashes attack. Having walked with porridge on my face for a couple of weeks, I realized that tears of matting powder will not help you. I started with a change in face cleansing, which I want to tell you about today.
So, the main characters are tar soap and a face mesh.

1. Tar soap. Neva Cosmetics
When my usual wash in the current emergency ceased to function, I began to look for her a summer replacement. But all I wanted was to order, and I would not receive these gifts until the fall.
I remembered laudatory reviews of tar soap. Minimum cost and effort - and I have it)))
Price: about 20 rubles
2. Mesh for the face. Missha Bubble Maker.
And here, and the grid, by the way, arrived. Of course, if you want and straightforwardness, you can make it the most beautiful master class. But I am patient and far from a needlewoman, so I ordered this thing.
A piece of mesh washcloth in the shape of a bell, inside pieces of foam rubber for better foaming. A ring is on top to add this beauty somewhere. I wouldn’t make such a compact and cute color in my life
Instructions for use on the back
Price: a little more than 150 rubles, there are cheaper, but of a different shape and without cubes inside.
We make simple gestures:
1. Wet
2. Soaping
3. Penalty
4. Remove the foam
And enjoy the result
The foam is dense and elastic. Massaging your face with it is pleasant and unusual))) At first it was strange that the hands of the face do not touch, it seemed that there would be no use. But, when I washed off this whole thing, and touched my face, I was stunned))) Delicate, smooth and polished skin without dryness and tightness. Inflammations passed completely within a week, the pores are cleansed, the complexion is even and fresh))) A miracle is wonderful just ...
Usage time: 3 weeks
Rating: for both rescuers on a solid five)))
Now I’m thinking about buying a hydrophilic oil, but I don’t use either toner or BB cream. Is it worth it to bother with removing only the powder? I will be glad to read your advice)))
I hope it was useful) Thank you for your attention, Anya

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