My New Year's brilliant shopping


Post Heroes:
1. LUMIERE SCULPTEE DE CHANEL highlighting powder - powder highlighter.
2. Chanel Levres Scintillantes - Lipgloss "Intense Shine" # 307 from the Christmas collection.
3. Dior 1 Couleur - Solid Eyeshadow # 616
4. Dior Rouge - Lipstick # 841 from the Christmas collection
Group not very good photo:

So, First, I applied the highlighter powder on the cheekbones, under the eyebrow, above the lip, a little on the nose, forehead and chin. I photographed the whole thing for a very long time, but in the end there is not a single photo where it could be seen in all its glory, although ... In the photo, where everything is whole, it is visible a little, but I want you to know that this powder gives a beautiful flicker and makes the skin lighter in the places you need, and most importantly, it looks natural. In general, the result is something elusive, invisible, but making the face very fresh! I put her 5+, the photos will be next.
Then I put on golden shadows:
And lip gloss:
Here's what happened (there is also a blush with mascara):
Now instead of the Lipstick shine (it does not clog into folds, they are simply visible, because it is translucent, see 2nd photo):

and all together:
I'm here all the curve, but do not pay attention
and then on the lipstick I applied shine)
here the camera focused in the middle, so the sparkles are visible only there))
and all together)) (here on some photos you can see a little highlighter, but just a little bit)

Well, the opinion:
1. About the highlighter powder, I already wrote everything above, I put him a solid five.
2. I liked the brilliance (although I do not like them at all), I wanted something transparent with gold. In general, this is the most common gloss, but I really like its “goldenness”, it holds well, it is not nasty and not very sticky on the lips (I would even say only a little sticky). Rating - 5.
3. The shadows are very bright (especially if applied with your fingers), although the photo doesn’t seem so, they will not work for daytime makeup, and look great in the evening. Persistent. Rating - 5.
4. Lipstick ... I have long wanted red lipstick, but still my hands did not reach. Closer to the new year, after reading the posts, I wanted a red lipstick with a golden shimmer. She came up to me by all criteria. For the new year - just fine. Rating - the same 5)
So thank you all. I'm Pauline, on you)