Guerlain Super Aqua Day Refreshing Cream Reviews

Good evening, Beauty-Beauticians !!!
I want to tell my story.
I had a problem on my nose, it is not known why I began to have a red spot on the bridge of the nose, moreover, it grew and became embossed.
I went to the dermatologist, he strained to the oncologist, who, in turn, to the surgeon ... who said ...: Not clear spot "...
I decided to change my care, I just didn’t think that it was connected with my leaving at that time ...
I assumed that this happened from an accidental elbow strike ... my husband kicked in a dream, such a slightly dark spot was formed, very, very bright, a small bruise, so I was afraid that something was beginning to form ...
Here's how it looked after it grew:
I did this post about mascara, so only one eye was made up ... and there is no other photo with a stain, I did not think that the result would be like that ...
And in the meantime I used Klinich, a 3-step and day and night cream, as well as Sisli masks and creams ...
The spot, meanwhile, was growing ...
Here is what I bought for the change of care:

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream
Lightweight, non-greasy cream for daily use. Moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin all day. It contains aloe vera extract, which provides nutrition and hydration, extract of vitania and cinema, which protect the skin from harmful substances and drying.
Apply with light movements to the skin of the face and neck twice a day. Regular use is recommended. Can be used as a base for makeup.
The cream is available in 50 ml jars
So plump, but absorbed very well, in the morning the skin is soft, glowing straight, I did not expect ...
Rating 5+.
Price 179 rub. at the pharmacy.
But the day cream that I use with him together, the girl for buying Guerlain gives me constantly 2 tubes of samplers, so I did not buy it, I have accumulated them ...
it will be necessary to buy a jar all the same, the cream is super, light, it smells nice with a rose, mmmmmmm ... !!!

GUERLAIN Super Aqua-Day SPF 10 with the Desert Rose Complex.
This optimal moisturizer provides triple protection against signs of age. The "Desert Rose" complex strengthens the internal skin barrier and, thus, increases the moisture reserves and the resistance of cells to the appearance of age-related signs.
I don’t know the price exactly, since I have samplers in a tube.
Rating 5+.
Right now my nose is:

Thank you for your attention, Duvushki!

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