Star powder poudre irisee. Make up for ever 920 - Yellow Gold, # 952 Iridescent Orange. # 957 Purple green

Good day. I want to talk about very beautiful friable shadows of MUFE
The photo:
Detailed view: I confess right away with MUFE cosmetics that I did not make friends at all. Apparently it does not suit me: no shadow, no lipstick, no eyeliner; but I’m ready to forgive them everything for their enchanting colors. The shadows that I will talk about are proof of this.
So, the manufacturer calls them "pure mineral powder from pearl of sea shells."
Declared features: easy to apply and shade, the radiance of pearl nacre. The result, according to the manufacturer: flicker and intense shine. I will not even argue with this. They are bright, beautiful, saturated; presented in a huge number of colors (in the catalog of 35 pieces) -I want to buy them all. But: they are simply mercilessly dusting. While you paint your eyes, the whole face, hands, and the table turn out to be dirty. After I made the post, I had to wash the window sill :)) On fat eyelids, they do not even hold onto the base. My friend rolls down terribly. My friend (although she does not have such fat eyelids as mine), while she gets to work, only an arrow from these shadows remains for centuries. I was even surprised one time when I saw her have a black arrow, and on top of the green one, it turned out that these shadows rolled up like that. Color numbers are not written on the boxes, and even consultants have to look for them, opening each box and comparing colors — I did not understand this moment at all. For the post I tried to compare with the catalog, I apologize, but it's useless. I rummaged through the entire Internet in search of these colors, I don’t know if I guessed or not. Correct who knows.
To wash off the shadows it’s not even necessary to use any means, they are perfectly washed off simply with water.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
white color with gold sparkles
my favorite khaki with bronze and light green tints
pink orange
dry method on hand
important way
khaki arrow
he is in artificial light
in the center of the eye is gold, khaki

pink solo is quite boring, so it added a corner of purple

I hope I have not tired anyone.
Price: about 850 rubles
Test period: 4 months