Eva Mosaic Hi-Tech Maxi Volume Mascara Reviews

Hello, beauticians!
I want to share with you a story about my perfect mascara, whose name is EVA MOSAIC Hi-tech.
To whom it is interesting - I ask under kat :)
Full product name in English: EVA MOSAIC HI-TECH
For a long time I was looking for that one and only, my perfect mascara, and finally I found it!
My eyelashes are the most ordinary: they do not shine with a long, natural curvature and density, and not made up are almost invisible. I tried a lot of mascaras that make my eyelashes look fluffy, curled and long like those of Burenka. I tried both the mass market and luxury, and I didn’t like one thing or the other - it didn’t give volume, it didn’t tighten it, it didn’t do anything with my eyelashes ...
And somehow my friend and I went to the store where she bought EVA MOSAIC mascara High-tech - just because of the color (it was beautiful brown - now only black was left on the palette), it was made up and the result exceeded all expectations! Having looked at my girlfriend, I ran for the same mascara and bought two at once: brown and black. Since then, we have not parted with her. Now EVA has been restyled, as a result of which the mascara is only black, so I'm looking for a brown mascara. Recently acquired ARTDECO ALL IN ONE MASCARA - even a friend said: "Eve is still cooler!"
Naked eyelashes

Ink mascara EVA MOSAIC Hi-tech single layer

With EVA MOSAIC High-tech ink in two layers

Detailed opinion:
Mascara is perfect in all respects for me: it gives volume to my eyelashes, lengthens them and, curiously, twists them, although there are no special twists (a special shape of a brush or something else). It keeps just great, does not crumble, is easily removed with my eye makeup remover. A classic brush - with a nap - which is a definite plus for me (once I poked it in my eye with a silicone brush - my hand twitched in fright (from a harsh sound) - this was the end of our love with such brushes, my eyes hurt for several days). It’s possible that the eyelashes glue just a little bit, but I love this effect, because clearly divided my eyelashes are invisible and look miserable.
Rating: Definitely 5 +++
Price: 214 rub. in rive gosh

Usage time: more than 1.5 years and I'm not going to stop!
Thank you all who read and watched until the end, I Ira, to me on the "you"

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