Overview of my carcasses over the past 5 years: Maybelline, L'oreal, Essence and unusual Belweder

Hello, beauties! We all use various decorative means - someone loves lipstick more, someone cannot live without foundation, but there is something that every girl uses - this ink.I want to show you the carcasses I used in the last 5 years. I rarely change the brand of carcass, sometimes I use the same one or two years until I get bored. Anyone interested - I ask for a cat.
1) Maybelline Volum 'Express Curved Brush - Maybelline Volume Curling Mascara (Black)
2) L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
3) Belweder mascara crème + irgasan - Cream antibacterial mascara (Irgasan) from Belweder (black)

My mascara-free eyelashes look like this:
I do not complain about them, they are quite dark by nature, long, perfectly curled with mascara, but not voluminous. So basically I buy carcasses that add volume.
We start the review with the oldest carcass and end with a new purchase. Forward!
1) Maybelline Volum 'Express Curved Brush - Maybelline Volume Curling Mascara (Black)

My opinion: While still at school, I received this very brand as a gift as my first ink. Mom used it - and therefore gave it to me as well. I liked mascara for many years.
Producer: the unique patented Volum 'Express mascara formula, which gives the eyelashes 3 times more volume, the eyelashes look unusually thick! Ergonomic design of the brush and multi-level bristles allow you to apply mascara to all eyelashes with one swipe.
The packaging design is like-light and discreet. The brush is really comfortable, with a bend. Mascara is good and easy to apply. Twists, yes, but I have it with all the carcasses. Volume also gives a good one. It does not crumble. And, a big plus, it does not dry out for very long months. I remember even it was almost over and dried up, I made up it, and my friend began to inquire what kind of mascara it was, such an excellent separation and the volume of eyelashes gave. And it was just dried mascara from Maybelline. Also, it does not flow at all! I walked in due time and under a shower with her, and teenage tears. Not flowed even once, not even puzzled. PS or just mascara was better then ....
In one layer
In two layers (I always paint any mascara in two layers)

Price:200-300r in any Rive Gaucher and the like
2) L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
I forgot to take a picture when I had it.
From the manufacturer: discover a new generation of mascara - Million Eyelash Volume. A special brush with many bristles stains each eyelash in one motion, without leaving lumps. As if multiplied by each cilium is 3 times larger. The built-in limiter removes all excess carcass from the brush. Ideal volume without lumps.
My opinion: I used, used my Maybelline and then I was given this mascara from L'oreal. And I remember that the effect struck me and I bought it for a long time, although it is twice as expensive as the previous one. I don’t like the design, a kind of barrel that rolls forever, and even heavy. The brush is silicone, but I would not say that it’s a log directly. The bristles are all the same length, and in principle, you can paint it well. An increase in volume gives good, as does elongation. Mascara does not dry out very quickly and is quite economical. On the second layer, the eyelashes stick together and you have to comb (with Maybelline I never did this, I didn’t have a comb for eyelashes then). It crumbles a little by the end of the day.
On the eyelashes in 2 layers:

Price: about 500r in Rive Gaucher and the like
Rating: 4
3) Essence volume mascara I love extreme. Black mascara
I already wrote about her
4) Belweder mascara crème + irgasan - Cream antibacterial mascara (Irgasan) from Belweder (black)

From the manufacturer: double-action mascara with conditioning properties. Protects eyelashes from dryness and brittleness. Due to the high percentage of natural waxes (10%) and castor oil (2%), mascara has a restoring effect on the structure of eyelashes. Mascara is available in two colors: black (noir), brown (brun).
My opinion: I used mascara from Essence and then accidentally saw mascara from my favorite brand Belweder in a pharmacy. Thought, thought and bought. And so it turned out that she began to use two carcasses at once. But the point was. This mascara is in my black version, it is just black, and not coal-black like from Essence. It looks good, since this mascara does not give volume, but only a slight elongation. Eyelashes with her look natural even in two layers, perfectly fits without lumps - she has a very strong limiter. The brush is surprisingly long, but not thick, easy to use. It is washed off very easily, without streaks under the eyes. I really like the design - the tube is elongated, lightweight, beautiful.
Hooked on the fact that it has a therapeutic effect. The recipe provides reliable protection and complete care for eyelashes. Composition:
Mascara on the eyes is almost not felt even in two layers by the end of the day. The smell is a little specific-natural components in the composition make themselves felt. In general, I liked the mascara.

Price: 193 r 40 kopecks in a pharmacy
That's all my carcasses. I will try new carcasses, giving a good amount. Thanks for reading. I’m Eugene, you are with me.