Foot cream

Does he always bring you what you expect from him? And how often do you really meet the tool you need? These are the questions I asked, looking at my photo archive of various means, I did not write reviews on some of them.
Here are the foot remedies. Very budget friendly, but are they good in quality? When comparing, one remedy was revealed - an obvious outsider, a rare muck and other, other, another so-so or nothing. And one means out of competition, which I could call beloved and indispensable, is about it at the end of the post.

Let's start with the outsider:
1. The last place is occupied by a well-known, widely advertised company. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula "Crème Pieds très Secs et Abîmés" - Restoring foot cream "Norwegian formula". Volume 100 ml.

As you can see from the photo, I have an old version of the cream, now the appearance is slightly changed. I’ll make a reservation right away, everything was fine with the terms, he was bought at a pharmacy. And the old design, because the cream was used already in 2010. In general, I'm not a brake, but a slow gas.
So essentially. The cream is whitish in color, with a pronounced silicone structure, with a smell you don’t understand what (I didn’t like it initially, but the brand is praised!) Is designed to moisturize the skin of our delicate feet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, it is absorbed not just very badly, but just terribly badly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to scold him, but I can’t say anything good either. Yes, not that good, just neutral. And this taking into account the fact that I persistently used the cream almost to the end of the tube, unable to withstand bullying myself only in the end and with relief threw it into the bin. The cream was not absorbed at all! Several times I smeared it on my feet in the evening and almost broke myself when I tried to go somewhere later (slippery boogies), although I waited after spreading for 5 and 10 and 30 and 60 minutes. Did not help. Then I began to smear it and put on socks (left them for the night). So, at least, you could even walk, but in the morning there was a persistent feeling that there was no cream under socks. Maybe he, where he absorbed, but certainly not in the skin. The skin, on the contrary, is dry and requires cream. We did not make friends with him. Here.
Term of bullying yourself: 1.5 months.
Rating: 0 (and does not deserve more)
2. The second place or the “Somehow or Nothing” award in our ranking is Magrav Soft cream to soften dry and rough skin of the feet of the Angel Ain series. Volume 150 ml.

The excellent emollient properties of olive oil are due to the presence of fatty acids in its composition, which have a high degree of affinity for human skin lipids. Due to this, olive oil not only creates a protective film on the surface of the skin, but also penetrates into its deep layers, providing a long-lasting softening effect.
Immediately make a reservation, this review is not negative, it is just neutral. The cream is white in color, the consistency is more like milk than cream, it has a very light texture, is quickly absorbed and does not slip! (what happiness it is that does not slip, as you understand, I understood after the first comrade from the list). But, unfortunately, I did not notice the main function of the cream, for the sake of which it was bought. That is, there was no softening of the coarsened skin of the feet, there was a slight moisturizing, and no more. As a foot cream, I can put 5, as it is quickly absorbed, there is instant light moisturizing and softening. But as a cream for feet firm 3 and no more. In general, the manufacturer is probably better off on his feet, rather than on his feet.
Duration of use: 2 months
Rating: 3 for feet and 5 for feet.
And so it turned out that there is no winner in this confrontation.
But I have my constant assistant and the permanent leader of my feet, legs and other parts of the body (for more than a year) Natura Siberica Active cream-care for the feet from corns. Volume 75 ml. My praises can be read here.
Here is another photo from the archive that got a ticket to life, which means that my conscience has become a little easier.
As always, to me - to you, Nastya.

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