MAC Eye Shadow Pro Refill Pan Reviews

You may already have noticed from my posts that I am fondly in love with shadows - in my collection there are a variety of items from cheap cheap to luxury, but this seven from MAC occupies a special place

Detailed opinion: Everyone knows that MAC shadows are world famous for their quality, durability and a variety of complex colors. Therefore, all my refills can be considered bestsellers - I tried to collect the chameleons that seemed to me the most interesting. All shadows are well pigmented, the density of compression varies depending on the shade, the color reveals better on the base, but they wear equally well and do not roll (on me) with or without a base, at the finish they are divided into Frost (shiny with separate sparkles) , Luster (the most brilliant mother-of-pearl coating), Matte (highly pigmented coating without gloss and overflow), Matte2 (due to finer grinding than in the shadows of the shade it has a light overflow), Satin (a semi-matte tone with a light satin shimmer). It is well layered, stewed, it is very easy to make a smooth transition from color to color.
And now let's dwell on those shades that I have:
1. Club (satin) - a brown-green chameleon, a very self-sufficient shade - just enough to do it to make a full eye makeup, with both daytime (arrow) and evening (smokey). under different lighting conditions it can be either a basic brown or with a strong malachite-green overflow, densely compressed, does not dust, it is better to lay it down for intensity when applied

above without base, below with base

2. Shroom (satin) - creamy beige, sometimes it’s translucent cream, then goes to beige (I wrote it myself, I didn’t understand it, but everything is visible in the photo), the perfect highlighter for the day gives a light semi-gloss shine

3. Shale (Matte2) - gray-violet or dusty violet, when buying, I thought that it was very similar to Satin taupe, when I compared, I realized that they are completely different, the driest and most densely pressed of all my shadows, most often I wear it in the crease, I do not really like the solo

with satin taupe

4. Patina (satin) - probably the most popular shade and I understand why, copper brown with an admixture of bronze, platinum - expensive and self-sufficient, ideal for brown-green eyes, it highlights the eyes, but not intrusive

with Satin taupe (many bloggers find their combination perfect)

5. Vex (satin) - he is gorgeous! king of the chameleons! beige, which shimmers with green and pink, a very complex and beautiful color, I use it most often

6. Satin taupe - brown-violet-burgundy-gray changes color constantly, not very densely pressed, but beautiful

in the corner and crease

7. Semptisious olive - golden olive, sometimes just gold, sometimes swamp

Price: 140-152 UAH, bought differently in the Kiev corner, that is, 17.5-19 dollars.
Test period: from 2 to 10 months
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