Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation Oil-Free SPF 15 Reviews

Good day!
I want to share with you my find, foundation Ever Matte by Clarins.

I’ve been looking for a foundation for a long time, but somehow unsuccessfully, I didn’t like any - most were very dark or dense - it seemed to me then. One day, on one of my visits to a cosmetics store, five samplers of foundation were put as a gift for me. I was then in search of my ideal and what I had in the probes I really liked. True, I didn’t buy it right away, but about two months later, when the probes were over, but it turned out that this cream was discontinued and I was offered its updated version in a new package. I decided that there was nothing to lose and took a try. As a result, the cream turned out to be exactly as I needed. In general, my requests are not great - I do not use cream constantly, but only with the help of it I hide what sometimes appears on my face - pimples, redness. For some events, you need to be at the parade, then I try to even out skin tone and give a dull look. Well, and most importantly, the cream should be light, invisible and not create the effect of a “mask” on the face. And the cream fulfilled all my wishes.
So, I am the owner of very fair, oily skin, without obvious problems and dry areas, but, like everyone, sometimes I have pimples that need to be hidden somehow.
I have been using the cream itself for more than 4 months, during which time I fell in love with it even more. I have the lightest shade of 103 ivory.
1. Attractive bottle design. Hard matte plastic with a golden dense kryzhechk. Accidental opening is excluded in principle (I don’t carry it with me, but for someone, perhaps this is important). Even if you drop it, nothing will break away, open or flow out. The lid is rather tight - those who have children will understand that this is a clear plus. There is a bottle on the lid, so when the cream comes to an end, there will be no problems extracting it.
2. The smell. He is wonderful. It is barely perceptible, it is practically absent, but if you bring the bottle to the nose itself, you can smell it. He does not smell on his face. I apply the cream with my fingers, only the first two seconds are felt on the fingers, then it disappears. What a pity, I would have sniffed him endlessly!
3. The cream itself in the bottle is quite liquid and does not cause problems. I practically do not press on the bottle - a drop follows from a very light pressure. And she enough for half the face. The cream is very economical. For 4 months I did not use even half. There is no dispenser, but for me this is not a minus.
4. It is put easily, it is not necessary to rub strongly - just a light touch is enough. He doesn’t leave any stains. It is distributed evenly and imperceptibly. That is, there are no sites where the cream is obviously too much, as it sometimes happens with others. But with all this, the cream can be layered on those places where you need to hide something. He allows you to do this without much difficulty. It does not give a mask effect, which is a clear plus.
5. The cream is not heavy, it is quite easy to lay down. There are not obvious problems, but it will make them less noticeable. When layering them, you can try to hide them. But I don’t have them, so I cannot objectively evaluate this moment. It evens out the tone of the face, makes it healthier. But freckles and moles do not hide. Makes them less bright and more harmonious, but does not completely hide.
6. The cream is quite comfortable on the face. And in the evening, the skin does not get tired of wearing it (even for a person like me who uses foundation on his entire face no more than once a month). Acne after it does not get worse. Maybe this seems to me, but there is a feeling that they even seem to dry out a little - although, perhaps, this is not so in reality, but only purely my subjective sensation.
7. Does not leave any marks on the phone. I can’t say on clothes - I don’t have clothes under my throat.
8. The finish is powdery. The face looks more well-groomed.
9. Wash off with a normal wash in the evening, which I wash off all makeup from the face.
1. Matting. It is declared by the manufacturer, but in fact it works for no more than an hour. Even with layering, my nose still sparkles, sometimes my chin. But on the cheeks and forehead, the cream copes. It’s enough for 4-5 hours.
2. The cream is perfect on perfect skin. But skin with peeling - he can emphasize them, and he will do it with pleasure. Wrinkles and scars too. In my corners of my lips from childhood there were rays of scars. In ordinary life, they are not visible, but in most cases the cream emphasizes them to me. I totally dislike this.
Bottle 30 ml, shelf life 18 months after opening.
Now swatch.
The cream itself (unfortunately threw the box with the composition):

Here is my native mole on the arm and to the left is the point with a brown eyeliner.
The eyeliner is practically invisible, but the mole has become only a little less noticeable.

There are pores on the face (cheeks, tip of the nose), a pimple under the eye (small but red), on the chin and on the tip of the nose there is also something that I do not want to show to everyone. Let's see how the cream changes the situation. The pimple under the eye and on the tip of the nose disappeared, the complexion became smoother, the pores less pronounced, the face became more matte. The mole did not disappear, and remained above the lip, but became a little paler. Peeling around the nose appeared, near the mole, a pothole from chickenpox was also visible, scars around the lips, peeling in the hollow under the lower lip and a shiny tip of the nose. This is if you find fault and considered close. If you stand at a standard distance of personal space, which is about 50 cm, such obvious things as emphasized macro are not noticeable.
In general, I want to draw a conclusion like this - the foundation crest coped with most of the goals stated by the manufacturer and the feelings from it are most positive. Most likely I will buy more. A little matting on my nose let us down, but I attribute this more to the fact that it’s hot in our country, it’s summer in the yard and my skin is still oily.
Price: about 1000 rubles per client day Clarins;
Test period: since the end of April, a little over 4 months.
Be beautiful!

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