Shiseido The Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Quad Reviews

Good afternoon, beauticians!
Today I want to talk about my grief over the acquisition of which it is a pity to throw out and there is no desire to use it.

Detailed opinion:
I have had these shadows for more than a year in a cosmetic bag, but it’s impossible to use them or I can’t pacify them, or my hands are in the wrong place. They are very soft and friable, crumble upon application, (all the spangles will certainly appear on the cheeks and face), they are very dusty in the box.
Of course you can’t argue with beautiful colors, but the problem with the application discourages the use of them. The shadows stay on for a long time, but the color fades a little, especially blue.
The design of the shadows is wonderful. The box is nice and comfortable to hold, in shape resembles a pebble. A large mirror inside and the pallet itself opens 180 degrees. Two sponges with a brush on the other end come in the set, but the shadows give off poorly from it.
In this palette I really like the blue color, since I no longer have such a shade, and the red one is very beautiful, though the color resembles a little rust)) The lightest shade is barely perceptible in the photo in makeup, only the shine is visible and no more, on finger, he looks brighter than in life.
Without / with base
Well, a couple of subtle shadows in front of the eyes

If it were not for their terrible flowability, they would be ideal, and so for me they are 3.
Price: something about 1000 rubles
Testing term: about a year

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