Beauty Cafe. Salty body scrub "Currant souffle"

For a long time I went around and around this brand of cosmetics. I wanted to try, but I haven’t seen any product reviews anywhere. Nevertheless, the inscriptions “100% natural” and “handmade product”, as well as amazing smells did their job, each time drawing their eyes to the jars. And so, I decided! To start with a scrub.

Among the presented scrub aromas were strawberry, grapefruit, almond with marzipan, lingonberry, but I fixed my eyes on it. On currant:
A pretty label, a rather modest jar (roughly like an organic shop), but picking it up you can't say that! The jar is quite weighty - it contains 300 grams of product! Here is what I saw, turning the jar upside down:
The composition is really natural. Solved! I take it! So I wanted to experience it myself, that I did not have time to photograph it in an untouched form. So, the scrub in the jar after one application:
As you can see from the photo, the scrub is very economical. And the smell! What a pity that you can’t “attach” its aroma to the post. Not a drop of chemistry! The very aroma of ripe black currant. About the properties of the scrub a little lower, and now swatch product on hand:
Larger (macro):
I will say right away that the scrubbing properties are on top, but like any other salt scrub, it has a number of features in application:
1 - do not apply to damaged or irritated skin;
2 - preferably applied to damp, clean skin;
3 - for some time it is desirable to walk / stand in it, so that nutrients penetrate the skin. I use salt scrubs in the bath, so after applying for about 5 minutes, I bask in the steam room;
4 - after application, you need to moisturize / nourish the skin with creams / lotions / milk / oils (as you like).
A scrub is applied very well to previously moistened skin and cleanses the skin without injuring it. After application, a few minutes later, a tingling sensation on the skin is felt - this is normal, the usual reaction to salt, whether it is sea salt, whether it is cookery. So we are arranged. But whoever can’t or doesn’t want to endure, you can immediately wash off. I like to stand. The product is washed off very easily in the shower, it doesn’t stain the skin, it’s nothing around too. It cleans the skin “to squeak”. Since salt draws toxins and moisture out of the body, skin nutrition is required after use. The whole process is accompanied by a wonderful smell of black currant, which for some time (no more than half an hour) remains a light aroma on the skin.
As a conclusion: I am very pleased with the products of this brand in the face of a scrub, I will try other products as well.
Price: 144 rubles
Test period: 2 weeks
Rating: definitely 5+!
Thank you all for watching! Im Tanya.

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