Nars Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara and Nars Shimmer Eyeshadow Lhasa - pros and cons

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Today I want to tell you about products from which I expected too much and in which, alas, I was disappointed. details under the cut!
NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara

Detailed opinion: the manufacturer solemnly promised super-long eyelashes reaching the skies and touching the clouds. However, in my opinion, a miracle did not happen. Yes, NARS performed the function of a standard extension carcass, but no more. This magic remedy smells of something nasty-pharmacy, either Vishnevsky balm, or Evdokimov's ointment. Fortunately, after applying to the eyelashes, the smell disappears
Now about the brush: personally, this brush, alas and ah, did not fit. I tried it once, twice - it’s still inconvenient, the cilia stick together. But I still found a way out: now I use the old brush from MAC Studio Fix Mascara (in the photo for comparison). But I was waiting for a pleasantly unpleasant surprise during washing: the mascara was not just waterproof, but highly persistent in principle. I had to spend twice as much gel to remove makeup from the eyes, and it took me 5 minutes to rub my eyes! Why there wasn’t a word about water resistance on the packaging - the riddle, apparently, at NARS decided that this would be a great surprise for customers
View before and after (specially applied with a NARS brush):
I don’t know why, but the glued eyelashes are not so evident in the photo. However, they are there, honestly
Conclusion: this mascara is definitely not my favorite, rather, on the contrary, the second time I definitely will not buy it. Reasons: smell too pungent, uncomfortable brush (but this is already individual) and suspicious indelibility.
Price: 669 CZK (approximately 281 UAH or 1,086 rubles).
My rating: 3+. (for color, points taken away for smell and super-durability)
Term of use: a week.
The following are sent at gunpoint:
NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow Lhasa

Detailed opinion: when I chose this color in the store, I was completely fascinated by it! This is not just a boring gray color, it is a deep gray with a soft lavender hue. Arriving home and opening the box, I saw that same boring gray. But, good, it's just a boxed optical illusion, since on swatch and for centuries, the color looks exactly lavender gray.
It would seem that what else is needed for happiness ... And for happiness, you need good pigmentation, which I have not received. To achieve at least some kind of color return, you have to suffer for hours for 10 minutes for sure, and the color looks weak even with the base! But these strange shadows compensate for weak pigmentation with unexpected durability: they stay on the base all day without any problems.
Swatch in the shade (with and without a base):
Swatch in the sun:
Own shadow + Mascara NARS:
A photo with a closed eye was taken 4 hours after application. And sorry for the eyebrow - something was raging
Conclusion: persistent shadows with weak pigmentation (hello, cognitive dissonance!). And these facts are not able to correct even their beautiful color. For this quality, the price is definitely overpriced.
Price: 690 Czech crowns (about 290 UAH or 1120 rubles).
My rating: 3. (minus for poor pigmentation)
Duration of use: week.
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