My Czech assistant is Saloos, Lavender Hydrophilic Makeup Remover Oil, 50 ml (Saloos, Hydrofilní odličovací olej "Levandule", 50 ml)

Hello dear Beauticians!
I decided to devote this post to one wonderful Czech product, which became my masthead ...

Because Czech cosmetics is becoming more and more popular, and you can find a lot of reviews on Beautician, I decided to tell you about my favorite hydrophilic oil, without which I can not imagine my make-up removal. First, I’ll introduce you the whole company and then a series of hydrophilic oils ...
Since 1993, the purely Czech brand Salus / Saloos has become the largest Czech manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics. Saloos is very proud that the brand’s products contain the highest possible proportion of pure natural substances and do not contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives and dyes. Saloos does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for all skin types. Saloos body creams and massage oils have become a symbol of the availability of quality medical care and daily body care through nature. Saloos presents a wide range of natural cosmetics and is constantly striving to develop new organic products of the highest quality that will take care of your skin and bring harmony to your body and soul.
And now about a series of makeup remover oils ...
Makeup remover oil cleanses the skin well and gently and relieves it of all the impurities that settle on it. It has anti-inflammatory effect, soothes and disinfects. The series is represented by six oils, each of which is intended for a specific type and skin problem:
1. The hydrophilic makeup oil "Tea Tree - Lemon" is ideal for oily, young and problematic skin.
2. Melissa hydrophilic makeup remover oil is suitable for all skin types.
3. Rosewood hydrophilic makeup remover oil is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
4. Ylang-ylang hydrophilic makeup remover oil is suitable for all skin types, especially good for mature and tired skin.
5. Hydrophilic Lavender Makeup Remover Oil is suitable for all skin types.
6. Neutral hydrophilic makeup remover oil is suitable for all skin types, especially good for delicate sensitive skin.
Full title: Saloos, Hydrophilic Lavender Makeup Remover Oil, 50 ml (Hydrofilní odličovací olej "Levandule", 50 ml)

Widespread Opinion My search began just when I could not find a good make-up remover that would not pinch and irritate my eyes, because I wear lenses. I have never liked the feeling of stickiness and a greasy film, so from the very beginning I looked with some concern at hydrophilic oils. And then she tried it ... and fell in love! From the series I tried butter with lemon, with a rosewood, but for some reason my favorite was butter with lavender. The smell is very natural and not pungent, it smells like real lavender itself. And now in more detail what and how I do it ...
First of all, I start eye makeup removal. We take a cotton pad and moisten it with water, since water, when interacting with oil, turns it into a milk emulsion that is very slightly foaming, then literally put a couple of drops of oil on the wetted disc and wipe the eyes. No unpleasant sensations and burning! Even if the oil gets into your eyes a little, it does not pinch at all. Never before have I so quickly and without any friction washed off even waterproof mascara.
Then comes the turn of the face. We rinse the face with water, repeat the same process and at the end again rinse the face with water. My girlfriend has very oily skin and so she then still uses some kind of light cleanser. All we can apply the cream.
I want to note that I did not notice any rashes, clogged pores and increased oily skin, on the contrary, the skin has a healthy complexion and looks beautiful, that is, this method suited me 100%.
Composition: Cold-pressed oils, Organic sunflower oil, 100% lavender essential oil, PEG-40 sorbitan peroleate, Lauret-4, lecithin, Vitamins A, E, F.
No preservatives or synthetic aromatics.
Price: in different stores in different ways, but on average 4 EUR.
Volume: 50 ml
Test period: more than a year.
Rating: 5+.
I hope it was useful
I am Valeria