Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow Reviews

Good afternoon, beauties!
I decided to contribute to the word about the shadows of Chanel Illusion d'ombre "Destination"

I bought them in Milan, because I really liked the shade, yes, and it seems - it's a limit. I bought them not for myself, but for my mother, because I am sure that this color is well suited to walnut and various shades of hazel.
But the pens were combed, and I, knowing that my mother did not lay out swatch, decided to experiment myself.
Shadows look neat, beautiful and elegant. The box is there. And all things ... A brush was attached, but I, frankly, did not appreciate it. It’s just a soft spatula. Using it is not only difficult to apply shadow, but it is not possible to use it as a “submarine” either. Therefore, I apply the shadow with a Diorovsky brush.

Detailed opinion: The shadows are beautiful, iridescent. BUT: loose. Sooooo loose shadows. It seems good, but getting them out of the jar is a rather laborious task. They somehow “run up”, cling to the bulk or are gathered in lumps, so you have to make a straight line with further correction.
The shadows are shaded with a Chanel brush, I think you noticed what kind of bald spots happened. So it’s better to use a stiffer and denser brush.
Before our eyes, it looks something like this:
Personally, it’s not very convenient to use them. They are soft and supple, but difficult to apply. And you don’t walk with them along the street. You need an eyeliner or a substrate. And better to go out at night
I myself wear them only in conjunction with something. Namely:
And in this sequence:
Shiseido Hydro-power eyeshadow in Tiger Eye
Eyeliner Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Well, the shadows themselves:
That's what happens) Thank you all! Be beautiful!
Rating: I put 4 out of 5)
Test period: 2 months
Cost about 40 euros